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    Quick minor update (replies in next full update): Still working on exporting the orthogonal trucks. Have had some other things to do. In other news I've fiddled around with the concept of a replacement set of oil pipelines to phase out nbvc's well-used but very bleached out set (curse you gmax and your horrid render quality). Here's some early results, plus some oil trucks for good measure: My stuff is going to at least have all of the same pieces as his, though I may add some stuff here and there as I see fit. -Mushy
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    Well, thanks for all the feedback on the first entry of Wolfskreut. I have changed things up a bit since then, modifying my NAM controller, so more automata should appear. Since quite a lot of the city is plopped, not as much appears as I'd like, so I'm still tweaking settings; let me know what you think. I also change the embankments in the centre, to make them more pedestrian friendly, and finally, this entry is in spring, rather than autumn! (green trees!) Hope you all enjoy! Replies for "Wolfskreut (Historic Centre)" ----------------------------------------------{--------}---------------------------------------------- 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. ----------------------------------------------{--------}---------------------------------------------- Hope you enjoyed! Please leave feedback in the comments, if you have any! Thaks for reading.
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    Here's the small town of Degelman Crossing. A typical town you're likely to see in the Canadian Prairies.
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    XXXII ・ Higher Ground

    Hello there. I had work this month and I have a different focus (mainly work, friends, architecture and Cities:Skylines). So the updating cycle slowed down to a standstill but it's better late than never, eh? Also, I will be doing an extremely slow transition of balancing this and my future studies, which would slowly deviate this journal into a new orbit of landscape design and city planning, which is the major that I had chosen for my career. I hope you enjoy this update, and I'll see you soon. By the way, you might remember the music that I used last update. The composer of that music, Tomita Isao, passed away a few days after the update was released. This update is released in his dedication. --- At some forest southwest of Okami, lies a river that runs straight to the ocean. Its journey had started in the mountains where high summer temperatures melt the last season's snow. These then fall in a valley as straight as bamboo, and gather in a small river. These give life to the people who were living at that area. Today, many people depend on the gifts of the river, but the area was made a nature reserve in 2007 to preserve the river and forest ecosystems. It can be said it is easy to get lost in the forest. Many people came and never got back. But this is not a scary forest and should not be told as a gloomy, scary forest. People actually quite enjoy the beauty of the valley and its abundant number of trees and plants. Various species of insects, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and birds live in the National Wildlife Refuge, and this is where the Sanese People are allowed to interact with them in the most natural way as possible. The river, although straight in its path through the valley, can encounter steep falls and rapids. Here, the brown, almost murky water becomes white and dynamic. These are very popular swimming holes for locals and tourists alike, and it can be almost compared to Okaiken's more famous hot springs, or onsen. Settlement is not permitted without moderation in the refuge, with only traditional Sanese housing used to house park guests and employees. No running water is supplied to them, and toilet facilities were made to operate independently. However, this only enhances the experience of what Sanese people experienced hundreds of years ago. The river upstream is much smaller and shallower. However, there are larger rocks in the area. The forest is also much thicker, with different species of plants growing side by side. Here, maple trees and pines dominate the forest. During winter months, the maple trees in the area die out but the pine remain. This area is one of the most visited areas in Okaiken. Downstream, the water flows slowly, but sometimes it would still encounter rapids such as this one. Back in the centre, tourists are treated with a relaxing spa experience as well as refreshments such as vending machines. However, one of these houses retain its traditional structure. A well can also be found in the area as well. --- In contrast, we welcome you back to Okami. Now you may have seen the city before, but this city is not perfect. It is also ridden with crime, extortion, sex, and drugs. The buildings are tagged daily; and a burgeoning rap culture began in the city about 10-15 years ago. Today, it had been quite popular with the younger generation, which sees S-pop as being too old and directed towards adults. SET48 was hugely unpopular in the recent years and the broadcasting council recently revoked its license to the group after allegations of misconduct. Today, we come to the government centre, which was recently tagged by a Yakuza member. The parliament would not press any charges to the gang. This district, the Setagaya district, is the centre of the Sanese Rap culture. At the Sanyo building, rap battles were usually held. Due to overcapacity, they recently acquired a space in the Setagaya Centre (to the left of the photograph). A new channel called Grand Master (124ch) was also established, and here, popular artists such as Doberman Infinity and 2Win flourished. Today, the centre hosts several rap battles. The Ginbashi area of the city has also caught on with the rap culture. Although today it is still full with office workers, gangs usually take during the night, with streets closed off to traffic and legal street racing was done. In its history, Okami had several illegal street racing gangs on its streets (like its infamous expressway racing club during midnight), but stricter laws prevent such precedents from happening today. Now, the government is now allowing some street racing to be done, but in consideration and moderation of the aforementioned groups. The Tozai Main Line and the Tozai Shinkansen were deemed off limits to gangs. One yakuza gang tried to tag one of the Tozai line trains operating on their rival's route, but then Okaiken Railways caught one of its members and sent him to more than 15 years in prison. It can be said that the company is running like the yakuza itself, but the company continue to decline on its staffing practices. Okami is after all, a nice city to live in. -30- @ThuanLy good luck! I hope to see your city soon. @feyss double thanks man, I strive to have some updating of the journal each month, it seems that it had slowed down a bit. @MushyMushy thanks! Your comment is always a good motivator. @sunda gracias! @raynev1 thanks man! @gviper thanks! Interview with actual Japanese people helped a lot with the way of living, and so when I built it worked like bread and butter together @kschmidt thanks for the comment. Japanese is not always about compact however; there are areas where there is still a lot of space to develop. @Ln X thanks! @fdjw88 thanks! Although I always strive to not make my journal non-kawaii and sometimes outright scary. It offers a good contrast with other Japanese-inspired city journals and keep me in a very open mind. @MilitantRadical thanks! I would keep up the work that I had worked on for the past 5 years. @philforhockey51 thanks! Cheers to another 5 years and congratulations to you @takemethere you win a prize. Just kidding I don't have any prizes at hand; here's a virtual cookie. Nope, I don't have that either. @korver I was going to send you through PM where to find it but Gobanboshi's site went down after the last update was released. It can all be found here. This can be also applied to @Yanita Channel's PM. @tankmank thanks! You have been always a dedicated follower of the journal. As a special, you can take a look at my other, continuing work at this wiki to know more about Okaiken. Who knows that we had a wiki? Also, don't forget to visit the Okaiken website. Who knows that I have a website? じゃあ~ いってきます!(^も^)>
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    As recently featured in my in my CJ, True Earth. Check out the rest here. Santorini at Sunset
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    First time fiddling with the new NAM; I am extremely impressed with the stability and time-saving features added since the last time I played two years ago. Looks like a Cloverleaf, but might be closer to a Windmill. Looped Windmill? Grade separated Partial Cloverleaf? An odd one... I like it!
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    Downtown Goulais Bay Old Downtown Goulais Bay is the Tech Hub for the region and has many companies headquarted here. Starting from the top right and going clockwise around: Intel, Sony, Microsoft, Dell, Samsung, LG Electronics, Toshiba, and Apple. A dark, gloomy, and rainy day over downtown.
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    The most complex interchange I have ever created.
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    So AJ3D and I have teamed up to create a nice bunch of modular industrial assets. We'll be updating here with our WIPs to make sure we get matching style and scale, so everything will fit together. This will also give you a chance to join in and create assets matching if you want to help. In the end we should have a nice large collection of matching assets to create large factory complexes. Link to initial topic about collaboration If you've had a peak in my own project topic I've started parts for a car manufactoring plants: Miyagi Motors. It's layout is very inspired by the VW plant in Wolfsburg, texture still to be determined. Overview of the parts (nothing final yet) 8x16 Office front with factory floor (might have more than one variation/end bits) 8x16 Office front with factory floor with road going in 8x16 or 4x16 Office front with factory floor and smoke stacks 8x16 Factory floor (might have more than one variation/end bits) 8x16 Factory floor with road going in 8x16 or 4x16 Factory floor with smoke stacks Power plant Over road bridge Free standing office building Integrated cargo train station Miyagi Motors sign (prop?) Measurements Office ground floor height: 6m Office 1st floor height: 7m Office 2nd floor height: 5m Factory floor height: 17m Double doors: 2.5m h x 2m w (inset 10cm) Rollup doors: 5.5m h x 4.5m w (inset 25cm) WIP album
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    Once again, I'm planning more than playing the game. Here are networks and zones maps for my main region, recently restarted. I frankly thought that this terrain would be easier to work with, but an increasingly strict realism approach is making everything harder: I'm trying to simulate natural city growing, wealth segregation, RL scaled infraestructure, reasonably dense CBDs (with space for parking and avoiding skyscrapers to clump together as W2W buildings), walkability, etc. Networks' Map: Highways - Avenues and Carriageways - Railways - Terraformed Canals Zones' Map: CBD Main Commercial Roads High Wealth Residences Medium Wealth Residences Low Wealth Residences Mixed Residencial+Industrial Heavy Industrial University *Stripped: low density
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    Not sure if I have ever posted this exact picture of Vista Del Mar's CBD (70% of it anyway) but here it is. Man I miss this city, it acquired prop pox and then I moved too quickly after a save and created an unrecoverable error. Nonetheless I came across this in the archives. Most of these are non-plop buildings. I was pleased with myself when I built this city. Hope you enjoy!
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    Added 3 new euro buildings: 2x2 row 1x2 row 2x2 corner
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    Back in CSL for the first time in forever. This is what I've created so far.
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    Mmmmfffff... I've got a lot of things to learn. I imported my Elstree Building I can't tell if scaling is ok. Nightlights... omg I regret so much that I had imported every night window as greyscale (because Skylines does not use color in the illumination map.) Now I will have to recolor them or reimport every one of them. I won't even show you a night view, it's hopeless. Feels like some parts of the textures are too bright (when it should be the opposite). I have to learn how to make reflections So... much... to... do.
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    From a few weeks ago, forgot to post it (things have changed a bit since as well):
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    Well, this is something to wake up to!
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    That is beautiful zdza! It's a shame the cap limit won't let you build further. Hope modders will solve it soon. Is that a sunken highway I see around downtown? Or does it just look like it? It's sunken, this might show it better.
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    The Beautiful City of Alba

    ~Alba City~ Population in city limit: 3,567,895 Country:Albanie Pop. in Alba Metro Area:6,943,567 Popular sports:Volleyball,Baseball,and Soccer The City's flag: Largest Tower in Alba:Bank of Alba Alba's Nickname:The Emerald City rate,like,and COMMENT!, haha thanks and bye!
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    City through Time

    1939- All throughout the early 20th century Bronzo City was a thriving small city in Central California and was apart of all American cities when the Great Big Depression hit. Once this happened contractors built massive (Now demolished) tenements downtown which held thousands of poor families and gambling fronts. In 1938 the WPA funded the Bronzo City Power & Light Tower. It was a major step to economic prosperity in the great city but that would only come after the war. 1948- Post war BC was the second biggest city in the western US and a gleaming example of the american dream. Skyscrapers such as City Spire One (Pictured right) and Carew Tower (Not pictured) would blow Los Angeles out of the water. 1982- Back in the '80s everything was totally rad! but the West Midtown neighborhood of Bronzo wasn't that tubular. Compact housing and crime along with hundreds of cases of arson made it one of the most ghetto places in California. Today- After 3 years the tallest building in California is now finished, The BC Memorial Tower makes the city look more like a metropolis than it ever did. To combat car traffic in the city a new form of public transport in the city is the new Tram system. The system connects East to West Midtown with Bogart Heights in the north and the Theater District to the south. In Overview: When compared to the now economic superpowers like New York and LA you can say Bronzo is a very humble city but everyone knows Bronzo did it first.
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    *cough* *cough* Hey... not sure you remember that time when I tried to get into SC4 building.... My attempts were stopped at the same time by real life... and by the announcement of Cities: Skylines. When I came back, I resumed building... but for C:SL And now... you might or might not now that I've invested some time building for Skylines, creating tutorials for builders and ranting about things (because I'm french... that's what we like to do). But, well... I guess you can't turn your back on SC4. I've asked if some SC4 batters wanted to use my CSL models to import them... with exactly ZERO replies (sems people do not want more SC4 bats ?). I guess I'll have to do it myself. Let's do it ! First step : from blender to 3DS. and re-learning how to export. I have a bad memory, I do not remember a single thing from what I managed to learn two years ago. Sounds like fun
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    Hey all, I just released version 1.2 of Ultimate Eyecandy, with three new features: - Added Asset Editor support (layout looks a bit different, as in-game sprites are not available in the editor, for whatever reason...); - Added Toggle Bloom option to ColorManagement Panel; - Added Toggle LUT Tonemapping option to ColorManagement Panel. Maybe the Asset Editor support can make it a bit easier for you modelers to get the texture colors and exposure right.
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    You can find W96 street 41 on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?edit=true&id=701538244
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    WORK IN PROGRESS -- WILHELMSHAVEN -- Villianios Library Educational requirements -- trying to get schools and libraries in place.
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    My recently created town of Port Tobacco:
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    Diamond interchange (yes, i'm aware of that one piece of the wall facing the wrong way)
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    Hello! Here is Golden County! I've been making a county in Cities Skylines for a while now. I had some pictures posted on another city Journal for an older city, but I've now started making a whole separate journal to document the construction of this place. Come and join! First of all, I also want to say that I am making a building theme for the game too. I want to make some kind of city on the map which has a more European style. The problem with the in-game European buildings is that the corner buildings only work on 90 degree angles. That's fine if you're making a completely grid city, but once you start having other angles, it can mess things up, and corners will look very unrealistic. I found this guy on the Steam Workshop called axel.kiebooms. He has some ploppable buildings that go on non-90-degree corners. I thought that it was a genius idea, but the themes he has (although amazing!) aren't the kind of themes I had in mind for my city. That's when I decided to make my own building theme. Something that was completely flexible and could work on all kinds of roads. It would have zoned buildings, corner buildings for other angles, and even freely ploppable buildings for maximum freedom. I don't know if anyone knows what I'm talking about, but it is something that you will see develop over time, I guess. Anyway, here are the first two buildings in the theme. I'm not a very experienced modeler, so I guess we'll see where this goes... I've been looking around for the right theme for my city. I've decided on making a theme that's based around Oslo. I've basically been looking on Google Earth, and copying buildings I see there. A lot of the buildings are more simple than something like Paris, for example, and I'm not a very experienced modeler. It's a good start, I guess! I know the building looks a bit bright, but I've changed the textures a bit, they're fine in-game. This is my second one. It's more recent, and it was also my first try with alpha mapping for railings (basically making some parts of faces invisible to save tris). You can see the railings there below the roof, I think they turned out pretty good. I also tried this thing with the windows out. Looks pretty cool. This is also the LOD. I have one for the other building but I don't have pictures. You can see that the LOD also works at night. I also want to thank everyone who made this guide. It really helps me with the quality and optimization of my assets, so thank you for the guide! I want to thank TempleofDoom who made this asset creation guide on Youtube. Without these videos, I would have no clue at all in what to do! I also want to thank axel.kiebooms for giving me the idea for this in the first place! Anyway. That's it for that. Here is my actual region in game. Enjoy! So this is Frankton and Harrien. Harrien is the small town on the top of the picture, Frankton is the bigger unfinished town. PREPARE FOR AN OVERLOAD OF PICTURES Right between Harrien and the river are some farms. There's some construction work going on for the road as it's a bit bumpy. Near Harrien are these greenhouses. There are also some apartments by the roundabout there. You can see the morning rush hour traffic piling up on the roundabout. (The Rush Hour mod is amazing!) This is Harrien itself! You can see how I put backyards in between houses. I think they give a much more realistic look and feel compared with trees. Past Harrien are more farms. Moving back down closer to Harrien, guess what, more farms! Some construction for something new! We've now reached this industrial and recycling area. Looking around the industry are even more farms! Now we come into Frankton. You can also see some WIP stuff on the left. I don't exactly know what it's going to end up as. A lot of stuff here is unfinished, so if it doesn't look finished, it probably isn't. I'm not going to show every part of the town, just the areas I think are worth showing for now. This is Frankton's High School. Here's a playground and some appartments by a nearby fire station. This is downtown Frankton. Lots of traffic as people are still going to work in the morning rush hour. Here is the newer part of Frankton. It's got the newer offices and shops. And here is the unfinished area. I don't know how much it's going to stay like this. Even though parts of it are foggy, I want to include details to those parts for consistency. And that's it! Sorry for the overload of pictures. I just wanted to make sure every part was shown. Hope you enjoyed!
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    Siculia' ll be back

    Siculia' ll be back After a few months break, here is the return of Siculia, but in the meantime, enjoy some preview of cities in Siculia COMMENT REPLIES: SURBO jmsepe: Restructure the transport system is very complicated but the traffic is the thing thatbothers everybody takemethere: Thanks for the comment. Southern Italian-style train station, that's where I found it. http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3340 kschmidt: Thanks for the comment. The Park was to be a common City Park but I was inspired by the Palace of caserta. As regards the channels I decided not to round them andmake them a little squares. Ln X: Thanks for the comment vinlabsc3k: Thanks for the comment, as far as the junction was a junction on the T, but then I decided to create a small road connecting the highway with the industrial zone. Anyway thanks for the tip.
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    Last pic of the day from me. The texturing is coming along nicely. Lots of detailing still to do ofc as well as tweeking of the colors. But it's moving in the right direction
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    This is Queensway Rd., sunset and a little bit of paint.net
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    Cool, I look forward to seeing what you come up with I've managed to do some rough texturing today. So far it looks good for a 1024x1024 texture size. None of the colors are final ofc. Atm I'm just sorting stuff and seeing what kind of texture I want on there. I'm not sure if it really works or not having the factory floor part be concrete and corrugated plates. Maybe I should go for more or less all brick. What do you guys think? Not sure if I'll finish sorting the UVs today, but we'll see how far I get
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    Another one. Night shots are just the best!
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    The reason why Wren Insurance grows so much is because it's one of the few hirises that can grow on lots as small as 2x3 tiles. The lot is stage-8 and as it is high-wealth as well, it is never going to be "upgraded" to anything else or merge with another lot (there's nothing of higher wealth or higher growth stage), ie once grown, it will remain there forever (unless bulldozed, destroyed by fire or abandoned and re-grown). The lot sizes Wren may grow in are stage-8 2x3, stage-8 3x2, stage-8 2x4 and stage-7 3x3; this last one is possible to be upgraded to stage-8 3x3 (eg The Galvin Corp), or aggregated with an adjacent lot and form a stage-8 4x3, 5x3 or 6x3 (the last two lot sizes can be found in downloaded content only). That is, the 2x3, 3x2 and 2x4 Wrens will remain forever. Other similar buildings are Yates Real Estate and Barthelet Corporation in the Houston tileset, and Simon and Frank Associates and Graber Corporate Suites in the Euro tileset. There's no way to get rid of this, other than installing custom content that competes with it, ie being a high-wealth tall hirise growing on stage-8 2x3, 3x2 and 2x4 lots, and employing a comparable number of sims. But custom content developers rather prefer making BATs featuring an almost landmark status and growing on custom-sized lots, instead of standard-sized ones, which would reduce occurrences of such repetitive buildings.
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    Nice Buildings

    Hello again! @v701,thank you! There will come a lot of pictures today, and the next update is nearly finished. At the moment I spend all free time for this game, pure addiction, and although the town is mismanaged and alive only by the endless money cheat, I did a lot in the last days. One reason for my problem was indeed the education level, it was much too high. II changed a lot of policies in different quarters, and it helped. I was able to shrink the general unemployment from 30% to 15%. This step was opened by a mod, that I found on steam, that gives you detailed informations about the employment of your citizens. And while 100% of the uneducated and educated worked anywhere, there were no jobs for better educated people. Sadly there also was no demand for offices, and so I plopped a lot of them townwide. This worked like expected, and after a while the demand for offices also raised. This gave me the ability to grow more office buildings, really nice ones but mostly scaled too small. If there weren´t RICO... Another phenomenon was, that I have buildings in high levels, that won´t grow. There is a wonderful 3x3 made by Feindbild, and some 4x4 Lvl 4 and 5 buldings, that needed a "breeding" station. I made a small quarter, where I grow all this stuff. Luckily with the Themes Mod it is possible to grow them in very little time. So I was able to plant them at the locations I want to see them. And I am so happy about this, that I thought I should make a special with not grown buildings. In general there is a discussion, if buildings should grow or be plopped. I use both methods, and plopping isn´t easier - see my big financial desaster. Meanwhile I plop buildings a lot, not only RICO but with the eyedropper tool as well. I love to have the ability to plan some corners like around the opera. For example the biggest residential highrise did grow at the most wrong place, and now it is erected at the main street, where it looks much better (although still very oversized). Seen from pedestrian perspective the building matches perfectly in the row but from above it needs getting used to the view. Enough talk, you want to see pictures. And although the today´s update is merely a hommage to some creators here, first comes an oversight of the town, it is not really up to date but it does the job: I will start with one of the buildings, that did grow at the wrong place. This residential tower needed a single place, not in a row. I searched a lot for the best spot, and I here I found it: The next is the 3x3 residential mentioned above. A simply wonderful building in a very appreciated size: And the highest residential (the brown one in the middle): Here is a nice new corner building, W2W on the left side, and the other one is open. To fill the gap to the next rowhouses I used the "most ugly" building I have, a small four story building. You can see it very often in my pictures, and I only a miss a mirrored version: And another one: Two new modern corners I like: Here is another one, that needed a matching neighbor, cause it likes to stay alone: The Manhasset (meanwhile also grown in the small version): The whole situation: And a hard to grow one at the next crossing: Some higher level residentials: A nice new tower: Not finished - an industrial complex and an gardening center in the back: This modern building did grow, the Hard Rock Cafe on the right is a RICOfied one: Some higher level commercials at - commerce street. They did grow near the airport, and I planted them here again: Parking Space under the freeway: And a very useful rubbish collector, that looks like a underground garage: A not rectangular corner: The neighboring buildings are semi detached and needed some space, here I could place them as twins: Now two examples for really nice growing. The first one shows a underscaled building to the left, but here, in a row with the modern office it looks perfect: Here the same, the modern building seems to be made for this situation: And another underscaled: The last one is here only cause I like the lightning: I hope you like it, cheers, Carl
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    6am Sunrise looking out over the latest city I've been meddling with.
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    Sorry, I couldn't find thinner lines. This is just a purpose.
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    Hello Everyone. Below is the outline for Iron Bays Transportation methods: Iron Bay Transportation District is is the authority operating public transit services within the city of Iron Bay. The areas highlighted in yellow represent the avenues that run throughout the city. Generally these are used throughout the day, however volume on these streets is significantly lower than that of the volume on the Light Rail System. The avenues were the first main use of transportation in the early days of Iron Bay. The areas highlighted in Red represent the Light Rail System of Iron Bay. The light rail was first built as a method of transportation from the then newly designed neighborhoods of Mayors Grove and Country Club. Light Rail Operations were mainly to advert traffic from the avenue and highway onto the Light Rail using a Park and Ride System. Customers of Park and Ride are offered free parking in exchange for their use/purchase of a ticket to use the light rail system. The Transit District was originally farm land that was purchased by the Iron Bay Transportation District during the expansion/creation of Mayors Grove and Country Club. This neighborhood was designed as a testing ground for the tracks and maintenance of the current cars on the track. After a few offices were built, the Transit District became a trending neighborhood due to it's "raw aesthetics". Because of this, many buildings have been built around the existing tracks. Currently there are two main areas of study for future planned routes of the Light Rail System. These are highlighted in black on the map. There is a plan to use existing lines to move further into country club. Offering a Direct Line to the Country Club. The other line would be an expansive line from University Park to Convention Center while passing through Tech Center and City Zoo. This same line would also offer a new expansion from City Zoo to downtown. This will be the biggest addition to this line since the Airport line was created. Between Highways, The Light Rail System currently uses a Underground Connection to connect the Light Rail System. This plan was implemented in the beginning of the Light Rail and has continued since. You can view these highlighted in Green. The areas highlighted in bull represent, I-6, I-90 and I-36. I-6 will take you from University Park to PoWaSa and I-90 runs from a neighboring city into Country Club and then between University Park and Tech Center. I-36 will run from River North and NoBe to Convention Center and PoWaSa. All of these routes have onramps leading to downtown. Iron Bay's current focus is to continue the light rail system to push more density into the downtown areas. Thanks for viewing and reading!
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    Adam, This looks like it will be an interesting concept once you get it all put together. But there's always room for improvement. (BTW, One of my pet peeves is a comment of "totally awesome! 10/10" or a criticism of "b-o-r-i-n-g! 1/10," with no constructive comments about what might be good or not so good about your work.) Another pet peeve is making a comment or giving a rating based solely on the pictures on your download page A couple of things that might make your project better: 1. General: You have to be careful with the "No Dependencies" pronouncement. People can get very testy when that announcement is made, and then it is found that there are in fact dependencies. In the .sc4lot file for this download, the LD sub file says that BSC Mega Props - JES Vol09.dat and CP_PropPack_Vol01.dat (actually BSC MEGA Props - CP Vol01.dat) are needed. A scan by SC4DataNode confirms this. 2. This lot: a. Goalposts - you can't have a football game without goalposts! b. Props and textures - there's always a fine line between too many props and not enough props. Your have a lot of room before you reach that line. As many other people will also tell you, the judicious use of props and textures help spice up any lot and can make the difference between "plain jane" and "awesome." c. Open ended stadium - Game-day ticket sales are the life-blood of any university sports program. If there is an avenue provided for fans to see a game for free, vs. having to pay for what can be a very expensive ticket, fans will take the free route. d. Lack of security around the stadium - part of this goes to the issue of ticket sales, i.e. if someone has a route into the stadium without buying a ticket, that's the way they will get in. At the very least, some fencing is called for. While the issue of terrorism could also be brought up here, for all we know SimWorld may be very different from the world we live in, and all people living in SimWorld actually get along with each other. Good first effort, and keep working. No matter how good one is, experience always makes one better!
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    Every great BAT deserves a great lot/texture set Glad I could help. Simmer2
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    Red Vs Blue Parade

    Even since it started back in 1894 the Red vs Blue festival has been something that brought the entire city together. The premise is simple two groups stand from opposite sides of the road yell at each other drink beer and have fun. Back when it started it was almost an all-out fight between the teams but now, well they still fight, why? no one knows but it's still an amazing sight to see out of a window or in a helicopter.
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    There are lots of train assets on the workshop. There are quite a few fixed stations with two tracks, terminals with three, and there are modular stations that allow for theoretically unlimited numbers of tracks. With elevated tracks, you can find some with two tracks and some other special cases. For example, this station has 4 elevated train tracks, 4 ground train tracks, 2 metro tracks parallel to the road, and one metro track perpendicular to that:
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    I would desaturate some of the textures just a bit; maybe less than 10%. They are very bold looking compared to a number of other buildings in that screenshot. What is the floor height? My eye keeps wondering if this needs to be slightly scaled down? I am not sure. Also, I would recommend doing something different with the texture of the ground floor glass; right now, it's apparent that it's a picture of a lobby, and when it's lit, it has a sort of "pasted on" look to it. This sort of thing works better with small windows, but when you have huge swaths of glass that are barely interrupted by other architecture, it doesn't look real or right. In reality, a huge lit lobby like that (as seen from above, birds' eye view in SC4 style) you would see a good portion of the floor, and the furniture inside, and not see a single square inch of the lobby ceiling.
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