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    Our trip to Sydney begins with one of the world's most recognizable buildings - the Sydney Opera House. Built in 1973 - its unique white seashell shape truly sets this skyline apart from the rest. Sitting just behind it is the Royal Botanic Gardens - opened in 1816, there's no better place to take a stroll on a sunny day. Just as recognizable is the world famous Sydney Harbour Bridge - built in 1932, it's one of the best ways to cross the harbour. At night, its distinctive lights dominate the surrounding waters. Water taxis are a great way to get around the harbour, and the Circular Quay (whose name contradicts its squarish shape) near the CBD is one of the most popular destinations in the entire city. Sydney is a city known for it's suburbs. In fact, it's got 555 of them - but few are as beautiful as Lavender Bay. It's easily reached by water taxi, has great views of the Harbour Bridge and the skyline in the distance - not to mention being ranked consistently as one of Sydney's most livable suburbs. It's a great place to call home. A rainy day in the CBD. Some of Sydney's most recognizable buildings can be found near Hyde Park - such as the MLC Centre, which held the title as the city's tallest building for 15 years. Nearby is the Sydney Tower - completed in 1981, you can enjoy some exotic cuisine 360 degree rotating restaurant. Another scene from the CBD - some of Sydney's tallest buildings - Deutsche Bank Place, Chifley Tower, Aurora Place, and Governor Philip Tower tower over the Royal Botanic Gardens. However, it's at night that these buildings truly come to life. And finally, some overviews of the city. Special thanks goes out to all the various creators at 3D Warehouse, as many buildings here were imported from there (too many to list). If you're interested, just search "Sydney" there and you'll find many of the same models I used - you'll need to have basic gmax/3dsmax knowledge to get the model into the game however, but it isn't very difficult. The highway system is modular, for an insight of how I created it and the process behind it, please take a look at the comments section of my "City Overview" and "Night Scenes" ST challenge entries. Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! -korver
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    South America + Bonus Pictures

    After visiting the world's tallest waterfall and largest rain forest, our small Cessna finally lands at our next destination. We've got quite the trip planned, so enjoy Our first stop in our journey is the capital and largest city of Suriname, Paramaribo. It's truly a one of a kind city, with its mixture of beautiful colonial Dutch architecture on the edge of the rain forest. The Dutch architecture serves as a reminder to the past - the country was under Dutch rule for nearly 150 years as Dutch Guiana until it gained its independence back in 1975. Our time in Paramaribo is brief - and unfortunately, the rain never seems to stop during our stay, as is common in much of the country. We board our plane once again and head back out. Cloaked in heavy rain clouds, Mount Roraima on the Brazil/Venezuela/Guyana border is truly breathtaking with its imposing sheer cliffs. Countless waterfalls plunge off of its tiered slopes - yet another sign that we're in the middle of rainy season. We land our plane just inside the Amazonas state of Eastern Venezuela for a quick excursion. We're up for a challenge, and the imposing Autana Tepui provides just that. After a couple of days of nerve wracking climbing, we finally reach the top and put up our tents for the night, taking in the view. We get back on our plane and land a couple hundred miles north in Valencia. We'll be traveling by car for now on, and the first stop is the small town of Puerto Colombia on the southern coast of the Caribbean Sea. It's a charming little village, with its small river filled with brightly colored riverboats. No trip here would be complete without taking one for a cruise through the village, and we do just that. After driving along the Caribbean coast for a couple hundred more miles, we finally make our way to the Pan-American highway. Taking that south, we travel high through the Andes mountains of Colombia for quite some time until we finally reach Colombia's Cocora Valley. This place seems almost unreal, with it's famed wax palm trees climbing to heights of up to 200 feet tall. The surrounding landscape is equally impressive, with quaint farming villages surrounded by rolling hillsides and steep, rocky slopes. The locals are quite hospitable, letting us stay the night. Not too far from the Cocora Valley is another one of Colombia's famous attractions, the Las Lajas Sanctuary. Built between 1916 and 1949, this church is one of the most impressive sights in all of South America, standing high above the steep Guáitara River canyon. Between the location, waterfalls, and reports to this day of "mysterious healing" - it's truly a magical place. After driving for seemingly an eternity through nothing but the barren deserts of Central and Southern Peru, we eventually reach a sight worth looking for. There's one landmark here that you'll want to keep your eye out for - they're easy to miss. Eventually we find one of the legendary Nazca lines - the condor. Created between 500 B.C. and A.D. 500, the Nazca culture created these lines by removing the rocks from the desert floor, revealing the lighter colored ground beneath. The best way to view these lines is by air however, so we catch a quick ride and do just that. After checking out the famed Nazca lines, we start to head our way inland towards Cuzco and finally make our way towards the legendary Machu Picchu. There's no more roads from this point forward - the only way to the top is by foot. After stopping at a local village, we get out our backpacking gear and get ready for the adventure ahead of us. It's quite the climb up the mountain, but after numerous days and nights traversing through dense rain forest, finally seeing these majestic ruins makes it all worth it. We get back on the highway and start heading south once more. The landscape initially is barren - but eventually it turns into something much more beautiful. The steep slopes of the Andes mountains have been terraced by local farmers for thousands of years, and there's no better example of their work than the Colca Canyon. Through advanced irrigation strategies they transformed these steep mountainsides into workable farmland, and to this day the locals make their living off them. Our trip through the Andes slowly gets higher and higher in elevation as we start heading eastwards. Eventually it becomes hard to just catch out breath, but we soon adapt to the massive height difference. Perched in the middle of these mountains is the world's highest lake, Lake Titicaca, a sight that we wouldn't want to miss. One of the most remarkable sights here is the floating islands of the local Uros people. By taking the tough reeds that surround the lake (totora) - they've managed to build floating islands that entire families can live on. They allow us to have a glimpse into their daily lives, allowing us onto one of their island and to observe some of their ancient traditions. We're finally out of the mountains, but the adventure as just begun for us. This swampy, densely forested area of Brazil is known as The Pantanal - and there's only one way through it, the transpantaneira. The road acts as the only safe route through the wetlands, and we run into numerous herds of cattle on the road along the way. It doesn't take long for us to get into our first standoff - as a couple of crocodile-resembling caimans need to make their way across the road. We finally reach the capital of Brazil, Brasília. Seeking a more centrally located capital, in 1960 the capital was changed from Rio de Janeiro to Brasília and an entire city was planned and built from the ground up. Architect Oscar Niemeyer designed many of the important buildings here, giving them a distinctive flair. There's no better example than the Palácio do Planalto - the official workplace of the President of Brazil truly comes alive at night. From Brasília, we start traveling eastwards towards the Brazilian coastline. Every Brazilian beach side city is magnificent, but Rio stands out from the rest. Standing atop of Corcovado Mountain is the famous Cristo Redentor statue - a must visit for any tourist, especially at sunrise. Completed in 1931, its arms were placed in an open stance, symbolizing peace. A couple hundred miles west is another Brazilian beach side city that you don't want to miss, Santos - one of the most beautiful cities that we encounter during our journey. It's gardens (the world's longest) and beaches are truly magnificent, stretching for as far as the eye can see. After all the traveling we've done thus far - some time spent relaxing on the beach is more than overdue. When traveling through Brazil, you're bound to run into a number of favelas (slums) on the outskirts of many of the larger cities. We saw a number of them in Rio de Janeiro - and as we travel through São Paulo, we see quite a few more. The people here make the most of their situation, gathering whatever they can find in order to create a house for their families. We begin the final leg of our journey with the mighty Itaipu Dam, located on the Paraná River on the Paraguay/Brazil border. You truly can't underestimate the size of this massive structure - it's the largest hydroelectric scheme in the world. This dam alone provides nearly 80% of Paraguay's electricity, as well as much of the power to many important cities in Brazil - but it did come at a steep $20 billion cost. It's the rainy season - so we get to see an up close view of the spillway in action, which drains out any excess water from the Itaipu reservoir. Our next stop is some 20 miles south - the world famous Iguazu Falls. From miles around you can hear them rumbling - you can just sense the power of these falls. There's a seemingly infinite amount of waterfalls here, and the best way to experience them is to get up close. One way is to board one of the many boats that travel along the lower river - and we do just that, getting as close to the falls as possible. But no trip is complete without visiting the "Devil's Throat" (seen in the top left corner of the picture) - an elevated walkway takes us as close as we can possibly get to it, witnessing a one of a kind wonder. - Full size link here - Finally, our journey wraps up when we reach one of the premier destinations in South America - Buenos Aires. Once you see the avenues and architecture, it's not hard to see why it's called the "Paris of South America". 9 de Julio isn't just wide - it's the world's largest avenue - and right in the middle of it is the famous Obelisco de Buenos Aires. Built to commemorate the founding of the city in 1536, it's truly amazing at night. - Bonus Pictures - Everything else that didn't make it into an update this year, so here's their final destination. Enjoy! Yaounde, Cameroon Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania Agbokim Waterfalls, Nigeria Ancient City of Djado (1000 A.D.), Niger Rubber Farm, Liberia Mother and Child Balancing Rocks, Matobo National Park, Zimbabwe Great Blue Hole, Belize Sutherland Falls, New Zealand Great Wall of China Prague's Christmas Market New Year's Eve in Prague - Tutorials - Itaipu Dam Itaipu Dam was one of the more difficult projects I did, and after many trials and tribulations I was able to successfully get it into the game. To make it, I first downloaded the pieces from here, here, and here. After I brought it into 3dsmax, the next objective was to break it up into small pieces so it would render properly. This picture illustrated what exactly I ended up doing. Next, the pieces had to be edited with the Reader to make their occupant sizes 1x1x1, so other things such as MMPs could be plopped around them, and most importantly so they would fit onto 1x1 tiles. Then, all the pieces were put onto 1x1 tiles, and moved around countless times to ensure they would line up as close as the game would possibly allow. Finally, it was a matter of placing everything in the game and plopping water and MMPs around the entire dam structure. Some minor editing was done after the fact, such as to add extra steam on the spillway in addition to the plopped JENX small + medium waterfall lots, to add power lines between the plopped power poles, and to clean up any small imperfections between pieces. Machu Picchu Now, I'll probably get some questions on my Machu Picchu so I'll try my best to explain my method here as well. I've struggled with terraces in the past (that's why you haven't seen any so far ), but now with this method, you'll probably see things like terraced rice paddies in the future as well. So pretty much what I did was firstly download a couple of Machu Picchu models I found off of 3d warehouse. They're actually pretty easy to make though, so I'd recommend that if you can do it. I took the good elements of each, moved things around, rescaled, rotated etc and combined them to make a really nice model. Retextured it, then converted it to an editable poly, selected faces, and carefully selected and removed all the flat grass faces on the model. Cut out a section of it, rendered it, made the LODs 1x1x1 in reader, and placed it on a 1x1 lot. Opened up Model tweaker, then offset it something like 500 ft so now it's hanging way off the lot and the 1x1 lot won't interfere when I'm terraforming. Once in game, I plop it, terraform hills to the contour of the terraces, and put down lots of MMP grass where the grass used to be on the model. This picture should help illustrate that a bit (taken right at the beginning, so terraforming/MMPing wasn't done, but hopefully you should get the idea). Finally, the last adjustments were made in PS, the biggest of which included adding shadows (which is important here because models won't cast shadows on MMPs) Base Textures A couple of the city streets were MMPed, but the rest were not - and they're not actually traditional "base textures", like the ones you would expect to find in lot editor. Instead, I'll prepare a large, highly customized texture for each city scene I'm working on based on a number of pictures. Once it's done, it's placed on a big flat plane in 3dsmax and rendered, ready to be placed in game. It takes way longer than simply using modular road sets (usually a day or two) - but the increased realism is worth it, and I'll probably be using it fully moving forward. - - - Special thanks once again to all the various creators on 3d warehouse for providing invaluable models for this update. Attribution for the pictures: Waterkant Paramaribo, CCSA3, Forrestjunky | Tepuy Autana (Kuaymayojo), CCSA3, Fernando Flores | View from Mt. Roraima "Window", CCSA2, Paulo Fassina | puerto colombia (choroní, venezuela), CC2, Olga Berrios | Ceroxylon Quindiuense Cocora, CC3, Diegotorquemada | Santuario Nacional de Las Lajas 02, CCSA3, GameOfLight | Colca Canton Puno, CCSA2, world-wide-gifts.com | Machu Picchu, Peru, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike2.0, Pedro Szekely | Nazca Lines - Condor, CCSA2, Paul Williams | Uros Islands in Lake Titicaca - panoramio, CC3, Frans-Banja Mulder | Por do Sol Pantanal em Mato Grosso Brasil, CCSA3, Filipefrazao | Yellow Jesus, CCSA3, dabldy | Panoramica Santos, CC2, Diego Silvestre | Sao Paulo, Brasil, CC2, Francisco Autunes | Usina Hidroelétrica Itaipu Binacional / Itaipu Dam, CC2, Deni Williams | Iguazu National Park Falls, CC3, Tomfriedel | Obelisk Buenos Aires, CC2, Nestor Galina. Notes: Various edits were made to each picture, including color, slight blurring, and sharpening. All these banners have the same license as the original pictures. - - - Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! -korver
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    Some Winter Scenes

    For the ST Winter Scene challenge, I was working on three images, and I just wanted to share them here. You'll see more of both the City of Niederbauen and the resort of Hörnli over the coming months, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy these Christmas and Winter themed images. I really wanted to post more in the run up to Christmas but RL and school got in the way unfortunately. I hope I'll be able to post more in 2017. I'm especially sorry for the lack of entries since October. ----------------------------------------------{--------}---------------------------------------------- 1. - The new resort of Hörnli. 2. - A brand new city of Niederbauen. 3. - Hoch-y-Brig revisited in a winter storm. Hope you enjoyed! Have a great Christmas and a New Year! ----------------------------------------------{--------}---------------------------------------------- Replies for "Schwyz"
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    Highlights from Entries 31 to 40

    Replies nos.17: Thank you! kschmidt: Thanks! I do like to try out a variety of different building styles in SC4. tariely: raynev1: Thanks for your kind words! metarvo: That's the idea with the diagonals! city89: Because it wasn't a very good airport, that's why. Also I have never focused on airports. sejr99999: Thanks! {---} Highlights from Entries 31 to 40 In these highlights there are three city tiles: Zooropa, Grethor and San Widge. These three cities are the big three which marked my transition into landscaping, MMPing and city construction with greater detailing. {---} 1. With Zooropa I actually started afresh with the plugins -- deleted everything! -- and rebuilt the plugin folder from scratch. The first thing I did was to ditch the CAM. 2. With Zooropa I wanted to try out my low-rise skills. 3. Though the eclectic RCI layout remains! 4. My first ever use of retaining walls. 5. I also discovered T Wrecks IRM fillers- every city since Zooropa has ALWAYS used them! 6. It was in Zooropa that I stumbled across my method for creating fields with MMPs: choose one plant, then a second plant to complement it (thicken up the vegetation) and lastly lay down dirt MMPs. 7. I also started using ionionion's OMCo Filling Gravel to dirty up the textures in my MMP fields. 8. Zooropa was a very crucial stepping stone. 9. The next crucial stepping stone is the industrial town of Grethor. 10. To date it is the largest industrial area I have ever created. 11. A large part of the area was the nuclear power plant I added in. 12. 13. 14. Finally I was creating a concrete labyrinth which is exactly what industry feels like. 15. 16. MMPing on the Lowkee Appalachian terrain mod. This is a VERY forgiving terrain when it comes to MMP usage. 17. 18. 19. Good old black gold. 20. I also utilised varying railway layouts in Grethor: orthogonal, diagonal and FA. 21. 22. 23. It was in Grethor that I became more picky about <what> emerged in residential zones. It's strange because I focused first on realistic industrial layouts, then realistic commercial layouts and finally realistic residential layouts. 24. I have always liked this picture. Must be the meadow. 25. 26. 27. The town centre in Grethor is a little muddled when it comes to the residential layout. 28. Even so, I did make more of an effort to filter out the residential buildings I did not want. 29. 30. MMPs and Diggis ponds. 31. 32. 33. Larger stadium layouts... 34. 35. 36. 37. And now a few shots from San Widge. 38. San Widge is a cursed city but I will explain more in the next entry. 39. 40. I simple MMP landscape theme I created: adding ionionion OMCo filling gravel to add some variety to the woodland. 41. And this is probably the earliest example of my current approach to industry: natural scenary, parking, fillers and space. 42. 43. Smoothing out the diagonals... 44. Concrete overload. 45. 46. {---} The next set of highlights will largely focus on San Widge, this is another important city as I focused a lot more on the CBD, railway networks, city parks and started to more clearly differentiate areas.
  6. Abrams124

    Back into SC4

    Replies: Mrsmartman:Thank you! Update 21:Back into Sim City 4 Welcome back!I'm playing Sim City 4 again,today we visit the city of Cedar Rapids. I'm going to show you from stage to stage,how the city evolved. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. New sidewalk textures 14. 15. Charing Cross That's it for today's update,i hope you enjoyed!Expect lots of more sc4 coming!
  7. Akallan

    Eréphore - Pt. II (preview)

    Hello everyone! I apologize for my long absence, but I return as I had promised! Today, no big updates, only a small preview of the continuation of Erephore. On the way, I wish you all a great holiday! See you soon! Thank you! Thank you feyss! Thank you Ln X! Thank you, a little patience and it will come! Thank you kschmidt! Thank you I'm flattered! ^^ Thank you!
  8. So today is 14 January 2017 , and you know what that means , its SimCity 4's 14th Birthday. What an amazing game this is, no other SimCity game has had the longevity or replayability that this one has. My grandma bought me SimCity 4 about a week after it came out. I've played it on and off since it was released in January 2003. I've invested thousands upon thousands of hours into this game and it is something I can't say about really any other game. To me SimCity 4 is more than a game. Its a hobby. I view it as being similar to how my late grandpa had a love of model trains and had a small little city with various train tracks running through it. I see SimCity 4 in the same light. SimCity 4 is more than a game its a passion. So we give thanks to Maxis for creating such a brilliant toy and the community here for creating so much amazing content for it. So Happy 14th Birthday SimCity 4, I really hope @CorinaMarie remembered to pick up the cake.
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    The Final Entry from Erinsberg

    Replies: Adrianor: Thank you! JP Schriefer: tariely: Thank you! Bad news though- this next entry has fifteen mosaics. raynev1: Thanks a lot! tonyr: Oh yeah! juliok92012: Cheers! BC Cunuck: Thanks for the comment. As for the menus, well I have a good memory. But there are still items which I have never used, also the park and landmark menus are humongous in size. kschmidt: Yeah West Erinsberg has a great mix of zones. A lot of the buildings have massive lots but it still required adding fillers to finish a city block. I'm not sure what the purpose is for that building in picture 32. Thanks a lot for your comment! whiteshark365: Thanks; a large part of the credit should go to Simmer2 who designed the railyard lot. feyss: Thanks! TekindusT: A lot of these buildings are quite similar in style, and some styles just "rhyme". Besides SC4 always had a haute cuisine of styles with the vanilla buildings. jmsepe: It's a bit rural but you would be surprised just how much rural elements there are inside industrial complexes. Simmer 2 also created some compact, urban-styled railyards too. Urban Constanta: sunda: Thank you very much! {---} Update 153: Chunder's Mound and Griffith Observatory This is the final entry from Erinsberg. While Chunder's Mound, the tallest mountain in the city tile, was one of the first areas I worked on when I began MMPing the north of the city tile, I feel it is one of the more interesting rural areas of Erinsberg. Due to the layout of Chunder's Mound this entry has A LOT of mosaics; fifteen in total. {---} 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. This was the first area I began MMPing. 7. 8. 9. 10. Mosaics are the best way of appreciating the scale and layout of Chunder's Mound. 11. Griffith Observatory. Yet another famous landmark in the north of the Erinsberg city tile. 12. The building can be found here- http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/30905-griffith-observatory/ 13. 14. 15. Another rural-to-urban mosaic. 16. 17. 18. 19. The scenic look-out can be found here- http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/14809-peg-mtp-scenic-views/. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. The northeast part of the city tile. 26. A cloudy day in the forest. 27. 28. 29. A VERY cloudy day in the forest. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. The east side of Chunder's Mound. 37. 38. A flyover of the east side of Chunder's Mound. 39. And the top of the mountain itself. 40. 41. The peak of Chunder's Mound is marked by a trig point, gravel and a cluster of stones. This is VERY British! 42. 43. 44. 45. The west side of Chunder's Mound segues into the east part of Flander's Hills. 46. A big part of the challenge of MMPing the north of Erinsberg was creating distinctive themes for each area. 47. The flora from the tree controller only gave me so much to work with. I had to create organic gaps in the tree line by bulldozing areas of woodland in a natural pattern; this gave Chunder's Mound its distinctive look. 48. 49. 50. The view from Chunder's Mound at night. 51. And at day. 52. Cityscape... 53. On a large scale... For SC4! {---} The next entry will be taking a selection of some of my favourite pictures from past entries of this CJ. It will start with the first ten entries, then the next ten and then working all the way to the latest ones. After that there will be entry with a video montage and several new pictures.
  10. Coincidentally... Originally I was going to finish the Guardian Building for December, but there's too much left to do on it. For that I'll get back to the grind and get it finished for January. But I'd still like to upload something in December. Current WIPs: Regal Theater V2 Trier Tower V2 Trier Station V2 Art Deco Department Store Water Street Maisonettes Conversion Guardian Building 1001 Woodward The Kean Old Detroit Police Department HQ The Pavilion Regal Theater V2 I've started Regal Theater V2. There's still a lot to do on it, and right now the building is in a bit of a chaotic state, because I'm working on the design as I go. So the sides of the building are a bit out of date, and the front still has plenty of work to do. Here's a link to the old one on the STEX: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/16513-regal-theater/ I got the new massing to be very very close to the old massing while still keeping the design generally plausible. The big box is the theater part itself. The part in front of the box contains stairs, dressing rooms, etc that would normally be put along the side of the main seating room. The stepback follows the angle of the seating so that the part that is cut out is the part of the theater with no seating, and so no need for stairs or other things to give access to the seating. Some of the windows will be filled in where the stairs and other things would be located. Some of the windows will be smaller for rooms that might have windows but not big ones. The filled in windows will be filled in with a spandrel piece, and I think it will create some interesting detail and variation without being very noticeable unless you're looking for it. I haven't designed the spandrels yet. They'll be dark aluminum, except for the top spandrels which will also have some yellow metal mixed in. The horizontal tan line above the ground line is temporary and will be replaced with a geometric relief carving. I did the tan line to get an idea of how it would affect the perception of the facade. I'm trying to correct/improve on the original (a lot of the specific details are really terrible and would be very noticeably so if you can actually see them clearly), while still keeping maintaining the basic character and impression of it. I'm still not sure if the theater box will be limestone like it's currently shown, or if it'll be brick. You can also see there's a temporary marquee. The building will only have one marquee this time. I'm also thinking the building would make more sense as mainly a 4x2, rather than a 2x4. So this is the front now instead of the side. I'd still like input about what you guys want from a Regal Theater V2. Like I said before, I don't want to George Lucas it. Trier Tower V2 and Trier Station V2 The BATing for these is almost done. If everything goes smoothly I'll have these uploaded in December. Art Deco Department Store I've modified the massing since I've last posted about this, and so it's pretty messy right now. The nice thing about recreations is that once you model something it's usually done, while when you're working on a design while your modeling it you have to go back and edit things a lot. First I have to clean it up. Then I have to model the skylight, and model the interior visible from the skylight. I'll be populating it with department store stuff, probably from my Design Research BAT. After that is some routine texturing and nitelites. I'd like to try to get this finished for December as well. Water Street Maisonette Conversion This is an adaptation of an architecture project. I think I've mentioned it before but I don't have any preview renders handy. I'd still like to eventually do this but I don't have plans for doing it soon, so don't worry about it. Guardian Building I've been posting about this in the mipro thread. This will be the priority in January. 1001 Woodward As always, the BAT is practically done, but I need to figure out the lotting and how to adapt it successfully to the game. In hindsight I should have thought more about that before starting it. I'd like to finally finish this in 2017, and actually do it this time. I don't have a preview render on hand for this but it's the black modern office midrise that's been 95% done since 2010. Isn't that enough for you to identify it? The Kean I should probably finish this someday too shouldn't I. The Pavilion and Old Detroit Police Department HQ If I did the Pavilion I would need to restart it. I'd still like to make it though. I never had very much of the old Police Department HQ modeled in the first place, and all these years later with more experience and better reference it would be faster to restart than to continue with what I had. So I'm downgrading the status of both of these. They are now below "WIP" status, but above "not existing" status. I'm going to stop including them in future WIP lists. So basically between now and January or February I'd like to have uploaded: Guardian Building, Trier Tower V2, Trier Station V2, Art Deco Department Store, and Regal Theater V2. Later in 2017 I'd like to upload 1001 Woodward and The Kean.
  11. Akallan

    Eréphore - Pt. II

    And here is the second part of Eréphore! I wish you all with a little bit of advance, good holidays of end of years! A small village in the area, a few tourists pass by here to visit the fort and hike along the river. One of the two arms of the Thylis, The flow of the river is not very large and fertilizes not much land. Over the past thirty years, the flow of the river has further diminished due to increasingly intense farming. In the mountain of Gormios there is an ancient ruin of an ancient temple. It was destroyed by an earthquake around 500 AD and plundered intensely after that. The city center of Erephore and capital of the region, there are about 120'000 inhabitants. Upon returning to the "Blue Line", we can see the old desalination plant built some fifteen years ago and still functioning today. Due to demographic growth, in recent years, this plant is not enough and a second bigger one has been built. Thank you! Thank you, and Happy New Year! Thank you! Thank you very much pour your comment! Thank you! Thank you very much jmsepe! Thank you. Thank you. Yes, that's a lot of work!
  12. Thanks everybody! I changed it, T Wrecks, just like other textures as well. I didn't like the green roof texture TBH, but I couldn't do it better The Great Southwest Building is now on the STEx The Tacoma Financial Center I said last time:
  13. @teknon - Thanks for all your help. Sorry I didn't take all your advice, I was trying to follow a reference that seems to be fairly non-standard. Would you like to pick out the next oil refinery asset? I would just like something that's part of the Google Earth 3d view, it's easier to capture dimensions that way. Also, thanks so much for those PDFs! it was amazingly helpful for getting the top of the tower! The Coker is now released! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=820986974 I just had to bust it out, I've been working on it far too long - it was a very difficult asset to detail. Keeping the tri count low was my biggest challenge; while I was able to keep it acceptable, it was at the cost of ~10 hours of nothing but optimizing. I'm not entirely happy with the alpha mapped pipes, especially where they have visible ending edges; next time I'm going to devote the extra polygons to building a frame for them, or nestle them into an area that obscures the edges a bit better. Thanks for the support all!
  14. This is my most successful attempt so far at creating a compact threeway interchange. It could probably be a bit tighter still, but seeing as how it is located in the countryside, it doesn't have to be super-compact. By the way, is there any way of creating a custom tree controller? Or a tree controller with the similar trees to the ones I'm using here? Because planting all the trees took about as long as building the actual interchange...
  15. Abrams124

    Some Skylines stuff

    Replies: Kschmidt:Thank you! LN X:Thanks! JP Schriefer:Thank you,i love your BAT's,i use them a lot! Raynev1:Thanks,i guess i fell in love with mmp-s Continuation of Cities Skylines Welcome back! It's been long since i've posted some skylines stuff. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. That's it for today's update,i hope you enjoyed it!
  16. phew. . . And here're two more pics, both mosaics so make sure to view full size. More found in my MD.
  17. I'm having problems to export Kemper Building, it's ready but the BAT is always looking distorted. I already re-exported, changed the scene, did the LODs again..nothing works. It happened once with the Magnolia Building and some days later it just worked like if everything was just normal all the time -.- So it made me angry and I'll give it a try next days. Meanwhile I continued the Singer Building I started some months ago. I stopped when someone uploaded it to STEx. But this one is my favourite building from all times and I really want it with Darknite version The first tricky part is done - all those ornaments on the tower, now comes the base. Depending on the file size at the end of modelling I'm thinking about do the building with its originals characteristics, it was way more detailed. Since the building doesn't exist anymore and there isn't much information about it, I have no idea how the other façades looks like, I mean, it's easy to find how the base's corner façades look like, but I couldn't find the others. If I don't figure it out I'll do them like I saw in a model from Sketchup. Found it \o/
  18. Happy New Year!!! I uploaded Trier Tower V2. STEX Upload: I also entered it into the custom content competition. So go ahead and rate it when voting opens. I didn't manage to finish Trier Station V2 in time, or the art deco department store for that matter. BATing always seems so fast until you're actually doing it. I did see the new Star Wars movie though. But here's some current preview renders of Trier Station V2. The stairs and railing need the most work. I'll be putting in some interior furniture (some Barcelona Chairs that I also put in Trier Tower V2). The bright opaque panels are not showing up the same color as before because the glass in front of it is reflecting the dark roof, which is making the glass parts overall look darker. So I'll be working on that, because I'd like those parts to be brighter like they were before. The main work I've done so far, other than updating the materials to match the ones on Trier Tower V2, has been to remodel the glass and window frames and doors, as well as part of the interior. It's hard to see the interior but I'm hoping the new version of this will have more visible interiors. The old interiors didn't have anything in it, and you couldn't see the inside very well anyway because of a glass setting I didn't understand at the time.
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  20. Version 1.0.0


    More pictures: WITH ANNEX WITHOUT ANNEX DESCRIPTION The Great Southwest Building, formerly the Petroleum Building, is a skyscraper built in 1926 and located at 1314 Texas Avenue in Downtown Houston, Texas in the United States. The structure was originally commissioned by Joseph S. Cullinan founder of The Texas Company to house the offices of his growing oil and gas business. Designed by New York Architect Alfred Bossom, the building features Art Deco styling with unusual Mayan touches including reliefs and a stepped back style on upper floors to mimic a Mayan pyramid. From Wikipedia. INFORMATIONS The model is available in two versions and with and without the annex building. All of them are W2W. Landmark with Annex Plop cost: 100,000 Lot size: 2x3 Commercial Office with Annex: Lot Size: 2x3 CO$$$: 1,500 CO$$: 2,000 Landmark without Annex Plop cost: 100,000 Lot size: 2x2 Commercial Office without Annex: Lot Size: 2x2 CO$$$: 1,500 CO$$: 2,000 INSTALLATION Unzip the files from the .zip to your Plugins folder. There are four .zip files in the download area. Be aware! Great Southwest Building (MN with Annex): this is the version with the annexed building for those who do not use SimFox Day and Nite Modd. Great Southwest Building (DN with Annex): this is the version with the annexed building for those using SimFox Day and Nite Modd. Great Southwest Building (MN without Annex): this is the version without the annexed building for those who do not use SimFox Day and Nite Modd. Great Southwest Building (DN without Annex): this is the version without the annexed building for those using SimFox Day and Nite Modd. Note: inside each .zip there are the Landmark and Commercial Office folders. If you don't want one of them you can delete the folder, but never the .SC4MODEL. DEPENDENCIES SimFox Day and Nite modd (for Darknite users only).
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  22. Tonraq

    XXXVI ・ Shougatsu 2017

    Happy New Year! To continue the tradition of a yearly New Year's Update, here is the 2017 edition of Kotaro-sama's New Year! Due to the massive scale of the update (~60 pictures in the update), a special webpage has been created for it. There are four parts to this update! Please view the pages in order as intended by the author. You will miss out on the action and some fireworks as well. There is also a concert and a movie embedded in the update that will be used to determine the next steps for this year. Author replies are deferred to the next update. Thanks for a wonderful 2016, everyone! CLICK HERE TO START!--- A preview for the update is below. Still recommend you to watch the update! CLICK HERE TO START!
  23. Canary date palms and walnut trees are released I finished as well the flags: Next project, surely to finish the HD automatas
  24. In the bad part of town synchronized car jacking is an art form: ^ Title suggested by @BugeyedDragon in chat.
  25. I made my first ever Lots, diagonal IRM fillers with dirt in place of grass so I could finish filling in this industrial rail area. so I made these so I could do this and an impending train crash to finish
  26. Well I actually released it, lol. I actually did that in the interior of the West Wing, for the front section I decided to light them all up. I noticed that in the reality, very few of them are on during the night. But both wings, roof, facade, back side and moatcovers are sub buildings so they don't light up at the same time. RELEASED (F. YEAH) After 2 months of works sleeples nights it's finally done woooooo @TransitAuthority Lemme know if you still need my paypal http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=842965326 and get South Extension: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=842967334 @All Don't forget to read description, it's important.
  27. One of the more fun to plan out city that I've made in a while. It's still in development but here's some screenshot of what I've been up to.
  28. Ok guys just posted an update. -Integrated Metro (ie International Airport Metro) support -Third rail visual enhancements -Fences and third rail separate models for easier developement of hotswap support -More stable spawn point algorithm -Better scenario support
  29. Total political craziness! I run local elections on my region, and this is the results map, which also doubles as an useful chart to remember where the municipal borders are, and their names: Cheat sheet: as the party names say basically nothing (because party ideologies change with the time) And if you think this results are simply random numbers thrown at the keyboard (well, they are indeed ), here is a peek to the vote count (which I think @Cyclone Boom would enjoy): parties not only won or lose municipalities, they got different percentages of the vote, depending on the demographic characteristics of each place and some random coyunture (i.e. corruption scandals stripping the communists of some safe seats on working-class boroughs): All of this for what? Total political nerdism and excess of free time: I didn't like to see my username repeated all over the region view, so now I can name the actual mayor of each place (well, in some cases the party hasn't decided the name of the mayor, but you can help with that ): Surely, the next election will be when finally reaching a development stage which justifies to create a CJ of the region, ideally before march...
  30. WORK IN PROGRESS -- THE JADE BIGHT II HOHENKIRCHEN: (Click to make bigger.) Yo, guys -- These will be the last of the pictures from Hohenkirchen -- new city to follow ! Here we have the trash removal, water pumping station, and waste treatment plant all squeezed into a nice little area hidden in the forest to keep the ugly, stinky, and smelly things away from all the nice people. The radio station is out in the woods on the edge of town and just across the street from one of the train stations. This is the John Novack Consolidated school -- these come in very handy -- taking up less room than the old Maxis schools. A few filler lots and some MMP's and VIOLA ! This is the low rent district (two shots) with the tenement blocks fronted by Roosevelt Park. I thought the arrangement was somewhat unique and MMP's made ALL the difference. And finally -- the overview of Hohenkirchen itself -- kind of ties it all together.
  31. New mod released : Find your assets in game quickly. Basically a better Search Box mod. The mod scans all the assets and generate a database of tags based on the title, the description, the service and the author of the asset. During the search, a score is evaluated based on a comparison with the keywords typed and the asset tags. All assets with a score greater than zero are sorted and displayed into the list.
  32. Thanks! Finished working on that highway & interchange today. I'll wait to install more sound walls until the rest of the roadwork is done. (And yes I don't plan on keeping those rail stations, will build a real station!) ----- Edit: more progress
  33. Kaijo Metropolis has achieved a new population of 1,776,000 est. It also has three wards now, Fukuoka, Hakata and Manato. I will most likely be adding more ward since I think one large tile is too big for a single ward. Here is the latest region shot. Developments will continue in all direction with some major artificial islands coming soon. Manato Ward which the yellow part in the map above is the area I am currently working on. Below is the main commercial center. I am trying to keep this area low to medium dense but some people just like breaking the height restriction law. Oh, I still use the Country Club coz its hipster. Here's a closer shot of Manato Crossing where there's a lot of huge Department Stores around.
  34. Abrams124

    Cedar Point,more mmp-s

    Cedar Point G'day!(or evening) Today i made a small tip,which took like 2 hours,and i think it was worth it 1. 2. 3. I've been also MMP-ing everywhere,which takes a lot of work but looks realistic and nice. WIP Pics: 1. And finally,torilla tavataan!(see you at the marketplace) Hope you enjoyed the update,see you next time!
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  36. +1 to the SG Super Strip Mall Relot family.
  37. City College https://www.google.com/maps/@39.5618932,-104.8134453,226a,20y,323.93h,46.24t/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en During the holidays with the family I wanted to get some work done, but I didn't want to spend hours reading and researching for the refinery project... So, I started on the last item on my list. A simple City College fits the bill, it's a beautiful structure that's not all that far away from where I live. It's pretty simple geometry, and doesn't even consume a 10th of the time that some of the refinery assets do. I've really been looking forward to making something easy and beautiful. It's going to have to be a sub-building asset, I've been looking forward to getting used to the new in-game implementation of it. Current WIP status, almost half way done. It appears that the main entrance of the real building is along the right side, I wanted a more grand entrance. So I made the long edge with the large decoration the front, I thought it looked better; but it does introduce the issue of that wing overlapping into where the road would be should it be placed along a straight road. I don't have a problem with this because I wanted it to be along a dead-end or roundabout type road, but I can just see the Steam comment section going crazy about it... I also really like the sunken plaza in the reference. Might have to make that too if I can get around to it. Thanks for reading.
  38. Ln X

    Highlights from entries 21 to 30

    Replies: Takingyouthere: My style was quite eccentric! Back then (about three years ago) for me an area would be complete once I had zoned an area and the buildings had popped up. Akallan: Thank you! raynev1: Thanks! It's the only way I could think of to wrap up this CJ. {---} Highlights from Entries 21 to 30 Today's entries are from two city tiles: Treblane and Stokesley. In Treblane I continued to develop my industrial and CBD skills, whilst in Stokesley I heavily experimented with MMPs, landscaping and water. {---} 1. Treblane was the largest city I had finished and I tried to create a wider layout for the different building densities. 2. The first power plant I created. I used Paeng's coal cheatsheet for some of the lots. 3. Also around that time I began searching for other big industrial LOTs. 4. 5. The first row of diagonal housing I created. 6. Not sure why but there is something about this particular stretch of the waterfront. 7. Diagonal housing forced me to be more methodical with suburban development. 8. 9. But there was still more work to be done with the transitions between low to medium density. 10. Treblane CBD's was the second one I created. 11. Use of the canals made me focus like I had never before and the result was a rather coherent area, quite surprising giving this was early on in the first year of the CJ. 12. 13. My ad-hoc zoning method would produce interesting results though... 14. But the canals and their layout still hold up. 15. 16. I also began utilising large LOTs to create different themes within a downtown/CBD. 17. I experimented with SFBT diagonal fillers and canals to create this small park which is the size of a small city block. 18. This curved train station can be found here- http://www.bripizza.net/sc4/1208NAMCurveSta/1208NAMCurveSta.html. Japanese BATters and LOTters are crazy! 19. I also spent some time, when I was building Treblane, finding more utility buildings on the STEX and LEX; especially garbage disposal buildings. 20. Treblane also marked the first time I used custom electricity pylons, these would become a staple item in future cities. 21. The next set of pictures come from Stokesley. 22. In Stokesley I worked on developing MMP rivers, waterfalls and land bridges. 23. It was also a chance to test out my rural MMPing skills. 24. One of the land bridges I created using the "rain" terraforming trick. 25. Yet another attempt at creating rocky terrain. 26. It was Stokesley where I began creating MMP footpaths with Heblem's footpath textures. 27. 28. 29. And yet more mountain work. 30. This mountain I sculpted by hand, I wanted to emphasise the ridges and corries. 31. And back to Treblane. 32. 33. On display are a collection of LOTs from Paeng's coal cheatsheet. 34. 35. The quality of some areas is on par with anything recent I have created, especially the night time shots. 36. And a return to Stokesley. 37. A small stream and marshland. The techniques I learnt here would be applied extensively in the Faverdale city tile- something I showed this year. 38. 39. In the centre left is a scree slope, one of the first I designed and one of the first I felt I got somewhat right. 40. 41. And we return to Treblane once more. 42. This approach of seamless orthogonal and diagonal transitions became a huge part of this CJ. 43. 44. Some of my first experiments with transitions involving the RHW. 45. {---} For New Year's Eve don't miss out the highlights of entries 31 to 40! Here I made quantum leaps with MMP fields, industrial layouts and MMPs.
  39. Hey all! Here is a compact, high-capacity, whirlpool interchange. I don't post often, but I felt pretty happy with this one. -Blade
  40. Download I'm so pissed, once I was done I found out the lods have some kind of edge glow, makes no sense since there is no illumination but whatever.
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  42. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day everyone. And a brief update on the Guardian Building: Bits here and there are getting finished up, but not all of the parts are *exactly* in their final position yet. Next I'll start the base. @Sciurus There's a small amount of similarities that are not a coincidence. The architect of the guardian building had studied historical cultures including ones in south america. American architecture at the time was not very intellectual so I wouldn't expect much, but out of all of the ancient cultures, however much he was inspired by the incas, and however much connection there is between the inca and the current aymara people, that is the amount of similarity between the guardian building and this other guy's buildings. The guy is trying to make a new regional architecture based on the local culture, but, as it's emphasized in the article, he's not an architect. So he picked some superficial elements, applied them to normal buildings in a superficial way, and as far as I can tell hasn't even copied the actual forms (in my brief googling nothing I saw had the shapes that his stuff did). And so as a result to me it looks like a tacky aymaran themed casino from las vegas. I'm guessing the architects thought that such an architecture should be based off of how people live, what kinds of traditions and cultural events they need space for, what expectations of privacy, or communalness they have, and things like that. So in the US, teenagers often turn their house's basements into places to hang out with their friends, and even aside from the basements their bedrooms are usually big enough to have friends over. In Japan teenagers do most of their socializing out in public so they have small bedrooms. Or in the US there's thanksgiving, so the dining room needs to be big enough to host a dinner for the extended family. And there's christmas, so the living room needs to be big enough to put a christmas tree in. And there's an expectation of privacy for the house, but not so much to build a wall around the house like many countries do, which in the US would be antisocial. Japanese people take their shoes off inside their houses so there's always a little area at the front door for shoes. But one of the difficult things about this is that these people already live in buildings which presumably already satisfy their cultural needs. Unless the buildings were somehow unnaturally forced upon them, these types of considerations are already built into the buildings to cater to the local market. And then there's also the issue that humans around the world are pretty similar, so no matter what your culture is, the buildings are going to be very similar around the world. And then of course there's also the problem that this type of thinking has in general, the idea of consciously created regional architecture is its own can of worms. When does having a regional architecture cross the line from a healthy positive expression of local identity, to chauvinism? And if the areas is culturally diverse, who gets to decide what the local identity/architecture is? So it gets very messy.
  43. Version 1.0.0


    THE CROWN BUILDING (former HECKSCHER BUILDING) This tower is a mixed use property located at 57th Street and Fifth Avenue in New York City, one of the most expensive retail and office space locations in the United States. The property is an iconic fixture in Midtown Manhattan designed by Warren and Wetmore, architects of the Helmsley Building and Grand Central Terminal. In-Game, the building works as a landmark 3X2 size. Comments are truly appreciated Enjoy
  44. I've never attended my own memorial before.
  45. Version 1.0.0


    Here is New Market Crossfit, come join the cult! Housed in an old auto repair garage this CS$$ building meets all your sims lifting needs. Unzip file and select Darknite or Maxisnite Dependency for Darknite - Simfox Darknite mod.
  46. @IDS2 thank you About the Tacoma Financial Center, opinions are always welcome. I'll do several tests before releasing this one, since looks like people like this model So my New Year's Eve was like I was excited today and I modeled a big part of the Kemper Building, from Chicago. However I have no idea what are those things in the roof, the only thing I could identify was the air conditioner. The image I used as a base there I get from GE. Do you guys know what are those other things there, especially that rectangle line? And I'm not sure if I add the Kemper logo as the original there or not. Oh and don't worry about textures, I'll improve them after figure out the roof.
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  49. Smaller random cluster: Singular props, 3 variations: Also @SamsamTS contacted me and figured out that m_fixedHeight needs to be true and then move it can adjust the height of those breakwater and tetrapod buildings. I need to learn lod texture baking properly, i kinda succeeded at trying it but it was pretty messy and kinda inconvenient. It would cut down tris on my lods even more, and make a more seamless transition from main to lod.
  50. I had posted these on the reddit but they got scraped under the rug *salt iz real* but that's my fault, so I'll leave them here for longetivity =)
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