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About this City Journal

After the complete failure (on my part) of this journal's former existence, I decided to edit it. This is now an exploration of my city building methods, using American and British cities...

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CJ Introduction

Welcome to the introduction of my updated city journal!

Now, my last tip-toe into CJ-ing was a failure, because I didn't like how close my CJ was linked to CSGDesign's Natural Growth. So, after some time, I decided to dig up the old one I made some time ago and change it a little. 

So, here it is. 


But, what do you mean, exploration in urban development?

Well, by this I mean that I will showcase various bits and bobs and odds and ends of urban development on this city journal. I'll use methods used by American and British towns and cities in Sim City 4 and see how they work out. Of course, i'm using inspiration from CSGDesign, but, unlike my first journal, I won't be copying him so much, as i'm not one for the bandwagon.

Okay, so what methods you gonna use?

Similar to the 'Natural Growth' principle, I refuse to use blatant cheats. I don't want to use the BSC funding thing at all, the money tree or all the other things. I believe this ruins the whole point of the game and shows anyone who uses it to have little skill in city building. Unless you're recreating a real city or trying to build a realistic metropolis very quickly, then I don't wanna see it!

Anyway, I'll use my own version of the Natural Growth principle, which means, growing slowly. No city started off with a fully funded health, education, police and fire service, at least no metropolis I know. So, i'll be starting off with little towns and villages that run mainly off farms. Then, after a long time, put in some industry to start an 'industrial revolution' which pumps up the population, and sees masses of slums sprawling all over the map. Then, we move on to educating and treating this population, with the onset of (very unevenly spread) schools and hospitals. This will eventually produce a fairly realistic, long-term growth model of a city, probably what Maxis tried to create. 

(i'll eventually create a nice timeline graphic of this method)

So, i'll be traveling along a 2 thousand year journey from agrarian to industrial and eventually commercial development. Of course, i'll try to make it look nice too, with proper shaped fields and forests, but, i'm not going to scrape the STEX looking for medieval homes. (If you wanna create some, then please do, i'll happily use them!) 


Shall we begin?

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