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About this City Journal

well my new cities are enviromentally friendly.

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new section

still got no pictures but it has nearly 60 or 80 thousand people and very little traffic problems, perfect health and education. Nearly everyones rich and it has a small municipal airport. i have a subway by every major road  and my bus system is nearly maxed out and my power grid is working. the city starts on an island near the center of the map. the airport and major league stadium is located on land additions near the ocean. the city has 5 sections. smart city north, south, west, and south west. it is where most of the population is. in the country except for big city tutorial which is on top. pop ulation wise but not perfectness. there is nearly no low-income housing. people can stay there a year and immediatly have a iq of 200 and excellent health.

heres the airport of my capital called paradise. which is east of where were heading.


My new city.

I decided to start a new city for my first journal. no picture yet because i am at school and well no simcity game here. Gonna name it lingle. if you look it up it's small. and if you look up yoder another city i built. it is small to but strangly enough when i use big city names it stays small but if i use a small towns name it grows big. kind of ironic hu.

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