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About this City Journal

Two rival Companies fight for control of a river. For years the companies were equal, but now one has started to falter.

Entries in this City Journal




The river Nas has overflowed its west bank, flooding the West Communty


Adding to the problem is Pollution from Umbrella's farms.


The flood knocked out the Old Train Bridge.


Umbrella has built a pair of bridges so that people and supplies can move across the river.


It has also built a Water Treatment plant to lessen the pollution.


On a more positive note, both sides have set up Sea Ports and a Ferry System.


Wright Industries but up an Airport, it was finished only days before the flood.


Umbrella also set aside a bit of its land for those fleeing the Flooded West Bank.


And finally, Wright Industires has set up a temporary industrial site so that work may continue.


All-in-all, the day goes to Umbrella, Wright Industries won't be able to do much until the flood ends. Umbrella still only has one chance

at salvation, however, and it will be arriving shortly.


The Two Companies

For years the twin companies Wright Industries and Umbrella Chemicals Incorperated have fought for control of the river Nas, eventually, two small communities formed on each side, one by the two companies. The communities together are known as Nasir. However recently Umbrella has started to colapse, and know Wright Industries runs the show with Umbrella less of a co-star. Wright Industries is slowly shaking off Umbrella, only requiring food and medical services from the deminising community. Umbrella's last chance for survival is en route to the city at this very moment.


The Two Communites on each side of the river Nas


The Wright Tower is the monument of Wright Industries, when the CEO visits this is were he stays.


The Clocktower is the Monument of the Umbrella corp. It symbolizes the years Umbrella has been around.


The Nasir City Rail Station is the hub of Rail activity in the city and is located on the west bank.


The Umbrella corp.'s last remain lab in this part of the world, It also serves as the main hospital of the

city and is located on the east side.

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