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About this City Journal

An auxiliary journal; Maritine Island Character Profiles gives deeper information on the characters of Maritine Island and a closer view of the things you don't see in the Maritine Island...

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John Maritine





Age: 72

Hometown: Aquan

Home: Nautilus

Occupation: Urban and regional planner


John Maritine is the founder of Maritine Island. He is an intelligent and noble man. Although John is not mayor of any cities or towns on the island, he always has a place in the councils. His opinions influence the entire island’s development.


John spent his childhood in Aquan before the city had become a sprawling metropolis. As a child he enjoyed playing Australian Rules football and spending time with his friends. In school his grades were slightly above average and he particularly enjoyed geography. As John grew older he gained an interest in Architecture. He would often look closely at the different styles of housing being built. Once John had completed school he spent four years in university and obtained a bachelor of urban and regional planning. He enjoyed his time studying urban and regional planning so much that he went back to university to study for two years and obtained masters of urban and regional planning. John was ready to start working and whilst searching for a job he came across a notice in the newspaper. The government was asking for ideas to further develop South Australia’s tourism industry. Upon reading the article a thought struck his mind. Whilst John had been travelling before heading to university he had been told of an island off the coast of South Australia. He was amazed that the island had just been unnoticed. John wondered if the island could be developed into a tourist paradise. He wrote a letter to the government giving details of his idea to develop the island and within a few weeks the government replied. They loved his idea and asked when work could start on Maritine Island.




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