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St. George

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About this City Journal

A CJ/Let's play of my favourite Simcity 4 custom map, St. George! st-george/

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It has been recommended that I should get a terrain and water mod to improve the over all look of the region. I have avoided them until now because I personally have no issues with the way the game looks as is, but I am all for the change :) If you have any suggestions on what to use please say so in the comments and I will look through the options and pick one.

Next episode will also feature a new microphone, and 2 episodes after that I will be using my new computer so there will be quite a bit of changes going on in the near future. Thank you to everybody for the support and I hope you enjoy the episode :)


We are finally done with the initial build of the region, boarders look good, cities are built and we have acquired 2 million people! So what is next? The rebuild of course! Cities will be totally torn down one by one, and rebuilt to be bigger and better than ever. 200 episodes here we come! Thank you for watching everybody :)