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About this City Journal

Welcome to the Republic of Toso Arroyo, an Island Nation in the Atlantic Ocean. See Toso Arroyo Develop before something interesting happens (hmmm? you'll have to look inside to find out).

Entries in this City Journal



Official name:

Republic of Toso Arroyo

Capital of Spain: Hillsburgh

Top 3 Largest cities in Spain: Hillsburgh 23,545 Salosi 11,111 Telis County 1,712

Population size: 36, 368

Density: 909.2 persons per square mile

Size: 40 sq. mi

Mean Altitude: 36 M

Highest Point: Mount Yanker 117 M

Political Structure: Representative democracy

Regions: 3 States currently

Time zone: -4 GMT

Currency: Toso Simoleon

Labor force:

Religion: 92 % Christian, 5% Catholic, 2 % Jewish, 1% other

Measures: Metric

Telephone country code: 277

Public transportation: Hillsburgh operates a small bus system at 12 Arroyos per trip (100 arroyos= 1 Teso Simolean)

Language: English



Sport is popular in Toso Arroyo. The Capital city contains 3 major stadiums. Kimberly Clark Park (baseball), Pepsi Stadium (Soccer), and Radioshack Arena (indoor sports).




Hillsburgh is/has lodged entries for sports such as Basketball, Baseball, Football, Hockey, Soccer and Grand Prix Auto Racing.

Whats that? yeah! Auto Racing!

on the other side of the river is a street circuit, The East River Circuit...



The course is famous for corners like Thacket


The most famous and trecherous corner on track.

Although no pictures exist, Hillsburgh has the Pitshot Hills Sluggers SMBL team who play just to the right of the general pic of the track in the Pitshot hills neighboorhood. which contains a steep hill.



The government Toso Arroyo contains three branches, the Senate, the Executive, and the Judicial. Senators are elected, two per state, every 4 months, Judges are elected every 20 years 1 per state, the President is elected every 5 years, he must be 25 and be a lifelong and upstanding citizen of Toso Arroyo.


here we see the supreme court


Federal Park is part of Federal flat and is most of but not all of Federal Flat.


Congress resides here


The president resides here for 5-10 years of his life.


Also in Federal Flat is the National Farmers Market, only the best farmers are invited, it is the highest agricultural award in Toso Arroyo.




The Republic of Toso Arroyo is an Island Nation in the Atlantic. It is currently in development. I began working on it the other day and am already starting a CJ for it. Somehow it has remained undiscovered for more than 1000 years. Its population is growing as we speak. It is a very popular sporting town. All major sports are played here, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball, Soccer and Auto Racing. To begin I will be posting a few enteries. Sports and Government. The only city currently existing is Hillsburgh. Toso Arroyo is going to start as a Vanilla CJ. In about a week or so I'll be getting my plugin folder onto my new computer till then it'll be vanilla. I am not used to it but the screen on my computer is a 16:9 HD screen and so things might look a little wierd such as the above flag. I will update very regularly I assure.

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