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MLW's City Growth

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About this City Journal

I will show you my city growth and my style. I hope your enjoy!

Entries in this City Journal


[bAT] MLW's Canal Series

HELLO! I am making my B.A.T. The Building Name is MLW's Canal Series.

I made water texture First. I have to texture correction yet.

The Brick Texture's Light is appropriate. I'm so happy!

B.A.T by MLW





Hello! I'm playing my new city project. The city project's name is city Geoungsun project!

This panoroma's subject is Artificial Islands, I had made Artificial Islands! It's Artificial Island's Nightlight!

Photoshop was used to create a panorama!

Series in South korea(Not North korea!!!) the official name is 'MLW(Daejeon Citizen)'s Art Of City'

When i make this city it's so hard. 

I hope your ENJOY! Thank you! 

And The following cities are trying to create a quiet town! Good bye!


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