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About this City Journal

This Cj will tell you about the making and story of an japanese fishing village. The first two chapters will just be "making off". Be aware that some of the names in the story will be taken...

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Moshi moshi! Dear members of Simtropolis, today we will show how to build a Japanese Fishing harbour. Plus some fact's and history! The place we're gonna build this harbour is on a large tile in the west on Shadow Assains (we call them shinobi) map Zaraki. okay let's start!


I chose this map for it's gentle hills and nice beaches. But the waterlevel is very low. Which is a problem for my future plans so let's make it deeper.

Nummmer2.jpgOkay now that's done, I think we should give this place a little flora.

Nummer4.jpgThis is the basic idea for the flora layout. I use flora from Pegs Pponds and mtp. The trees are from Simfox, Jeronji, and Cycledogg. It's alot equals but also some elm, aspen  and cottonwoods.                                    Nummer575.jpg

The most important thing (Imo) for an realistic nature is variations. Maybe a swamp? Or a

cliff as shown in the pictures. And the second most important is realistic details. As here:


Close to the waterfront there's much more trees that is lower and brighter then those longer in land. This is not just realistic it's also making an illusion of the land is much higher the longer in you go then it actually is. Now let's wrap this up and show the results of todays hard work. (you may see some glaps but that's because some of the tree's dissapear in this zoom). Sorry for my bad english. Next time we shall make some rivers and ponds!



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