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Relconshire Island

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About this City Journal

come and read about my cool island i created. sorry if there is not any pictures!

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Marinas with honor

Relconshire had just started it's marina complex and with many happy people to enjoy the recreational advantages of it all.The marina became a hub for small shops and buses.Relconshire added a small train station near the Marina to add more transportation to it.The MARINA grew to become a large Port.With a lot of people moving in the recreational demand was high.So...i added a nother marina to increase the water way traffic.

 Sorry for the absense of pictures!I will add pictures soon! This is not a spam


A picture perfect town

Relconshire became a major producer of canned goods and wheat.Then the town had a major residential project to start growth in unexplainable numbers.Relconshire had big commercial districts and nice suburban areas.



well first i apologize for the absense of pictures.Read it will explain everything.

Relconshire Island was built with only 2 homes and 24 people.It started to grow becuase of the city next to it which was Port Orange.A huge bridge connected the two towns.Relconshire had a small water tower when it grew to 500 people.Relconshire's resident's complained about poor water quality and demanded clean water.A riot broke out and a small police station was built to stop the un-lawly sims.After the riot Relconshire built it's first school to educate it's sims.After a couple of years Port orange grew too!

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