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Lucid Valley

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About this City Journal

A Valley full of wildlife and bustling with tourism. A Valley Called Lucid. Thoughts, Ideas, Questions, Critisism ... All welcome, please post. Thanks, Dan

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6). A-TRACK-tive?

The Timber makes it's final journey from this Frieght station. Some timber is Cut , Carved and made into produve in the valley before moving on, this has made the industry developaround such frieght stations.




The Canyon was formed by a crater (duh!) this posed problems for the ever growing logging companies. Ever since the bridge was built the logging industry has boomed as well as the tourism in the valley.


The tourists flock at viewing points at the base of the canyon.


The lake that lies at the bottem fills  heavily every winter. The Canyon Drains all of the water from the valley Creating beautiful water falls cascading into the crater.views3.jpg 




Most  inhabitants of Lucid Valley work in timber industry, working in various logging camps situated throughout the valley.  

Despite many protests from environmentalists to make Lucid Valleys natural beauty into a national park , the logging industry is still booming.

The Community of Lucid Valley have been split ,  the deforestation provides many jobs but many say the jobs created by making it a national

park would provide for the locals.


Rail Networks throughout the valley keep bringing Visiters in and Timber out.

If the de-forestation continues the visitors will dwindle effecting the shops in the valley and their precious trade.




Thoughts 6.gif, Ideas 37.gif, Questions 42.gif, Critisism 28.gif ... All welcome, please post. Thanks, Dan   
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