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Sapphire Islands

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About this City Journal

A collection of islands that centers around its financial and mineral opportunities.

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Howdy, I am mayor Damon a.k.a. frogtoad25. My family comes from a great and wealthy minerals/ore collecting family...and as a surveyor for Sapphire Metals Inc, I discovered this mineral rich island collection that keeps growing with all its volcanic might. So, I have purchased all the land and rights to future land in the area and have begun construction and development of the Sapphire Islands. I have recruited many 'investors' to move or invest in the starting of settlement of this beautiful region. I hope it grows into something wonderful...



South Sapphire has the perfect weather and sea conditions for shipping...so this is where I have had my 'investors' send their goods and supplies.


Like all new settelments, it has to start somewhere. So below is a shot of the 'boom town' that is to supply the region for now until things get cooking.


I have to attend a corporate meeting now, so please enjoy this brief into my new pet project. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you around!

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