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Bartonn is back!

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North Shore

Update today! North Shore (north of central of course). North Shore contains the Stafford Bridge that connects to the areas north of Santon, Welling Park, and Shoreline Station (connects to Central via subway and the Shoreline Express that follows the Lethbridge River).







Progress on the Region

Just an overhead view of what I've completed so far. Today/Tomorrow I'm hoping to update with the next portion of the downtown area on the northern part of the city. These aren't the best shots, but its a rough view of what has been done so far.



The Central District

Long time since I’ve done any cj updates (College does that :P). Since I’m done school for the next little while I should probably post some of the stuff I’ve been working on.  I recently moved to my new home in DT Vancouver so I've have more feel of high density living spaces.


DSCF0888 by you.


-Population: 356,287 city, 842,110 metro

-Nearby Cities(ascending size): Anatol, Sherring,Marowald,Autumnbrooke,Oltanis,Hadfelt

Current view


s6 by you.

Notes: The central district of Santon is considered the finanical district of the region. Located squarely in the downtown core it houses 50,000 citizens and provides 45,000 high wealth jobs. s4 by you.

Main attractions

Central City Athletics Stadium

-A multipurpose facility for track and field and soccer, it seats 20,000 patrons.


s2 by you.s1 by you.

Central City Convention Center

Rockerbie Park Plaza


s5 by you.


Central Line- Ground light rail system. Alternating tram system via Central Station.s3 by you.

Core Line- Subway System termius Britain Street(West Ridge District) and terminus Central Station. Include Central Station, Spanner(South).

Ash Line-Subway System from Central Station to Ashford(West).

X24 Superhighway- runs north to south.

more to come.................

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