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About this City Journal

My husband bought me SIm City 4 Deluxe for my birthday. I love simulation games so he thought it would be fun for me.

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First Tries

I have ben trying to learn how to play this game for about 9 months and the most I can do is break even on the budget, which doesn't get higher than 7k. I think my biggest hurdle right now is traffic. I start out with streets, then go to roads, then I try to figure out how to work the one-way roads, I would like to use the avenues around town or the highway system. But I just can't figure it out.

Then there is the industry. One of the advisors keeps yelling at me to put in roads or rail to deliver the products produced. I have roads and they have almost 100 freight trucks on them, but I can't figure out railroads.

Then there is mass transportation. I have bus stops and subways, but my sims don't use them that much.

Is there anyone who can shed some light on these problems so that I can enjoy my gift much more. I get to the point where the roads I have aren't enough then I go on to another city.

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