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Continuation of the Trixxie winning CJ

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This thread is the continutation of my long running CJ, Buesti and Ravoi, at Simtropolis. I will update this CJ every week or more.
The Federation of Buesti and Ravoi is a nation in Europe. It has an Italian background, which I will cover later.
Its Capital, Sapri, has been in reconstruction for the last two months. I have been lotting and re-demolishing for most of that last two months. 
The first area I am going to cover is that surrounding "La Cattedrale di Mary Magdalene", the largest church in Sapri.
It is a Catholic Church, and is the head of the Diocese of Sapri. Currently, Bishop Manzo Calrini is seated here, but he is ageing and drinks a little heavily so who knows how long he will last.
The Buesti and Ravoi Office of Law is actually a private institution Specializing in Constitutional cases. Its lawyers are known for their cunning.
The Sapri Metrotram station near the Cathedral serves 15,000 commuters a day.
The large grassy park near the Cathedral is currently being re-sodded.
An overview of Sapri so far.
Thank you all for viewing my first update.
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