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About this City Journal

Mercer Coast / Bella Coola Metro / Upper Talkeetna Valley, British Columbia

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The Bella Coola / Portland / Aberdeen Metropolitan Statistical Area (BSTAT) comprises the Mercer Coast, Mercer Valley and Talkeetna Valley in the Coast Ranges along the Northern British Columbia coast.  It includes the cities of Bella Coola, Portland, Aberdeen, Talkeetna and Coquitlam.  The region is roughly 80 miles by highway south of the Alaska Border, and 375 miles by highway north of Vancouver.  The area is extremely isolated.  Populated areas to the north and south hug the coast-line, inland and to the east are small mining and logging towns, many of which can only be accessed during the short summer months.  The area is very rugged with



About My Style

Before I start my journal I would like to say a few things about my style.  I don't play Sim City as a game, I use it more like a canvas.  By nature this game attracts creative types, but I'm well aware that there is a large amount of 'purists' who don't use cheats and don't use radical game altering mods.  I'm the complete opposite, I use any cheat that can cut out parts of the game I don't wan't to deal with.  I completely plop my downtown districts and build highways that see little actual in-game use because it connects to another city outside my region in my mind.  When I build regions I typically use real-life names from places in the real-world geographical region that my region is set in. I also may make geographical references to real-world places but their geography/climate may be changed greatly from the realy world. I use such a rediculous amount of mods and custom ploppables that it's impossible to thank everybody individually, but thanks !  This game got boring real quick until I discovered Simtropolis.com. I'm in between places in my life for the next few months and have nothing better to do where I'm stuck than do some cycling and work on this, so hopefully I'll fill this up fast.   Getting photos onto here will take a bit of work as I'm typing this on my trusty mac but have to run the game on a terrible terrible PC that literally, will only run SC4 and some basic programs.


About The Layout

I've noticed most people use a timeline approach to their journals.  I'm going to set mine up with a Wikipedia entry type feel.  I will start with a Geographical / Climatic entry and go from there.

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