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About this City Journal

In 1947, several thousand square miles of wilderness were set aside for the protection of certain species of bird. In 2009, that species went extinct, and the government opened up the land...

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Mr. Stools

First update of my first CJ! :D


Let's start with the town of New Barton (pop 2197. New Barton is the only settlement in the entire region of New Barton (it was founded before the protection was given to the land). The island it sits on is the onyl area that could be developed.

New Barton from far away


An aerial view.


The main park, located on the south side of the island.


Because of its small footprint, it is a relatively dense town, with a square surrounded by historic buildings. Visible here is the old commercial hall (foreground) and the Imperial Theater (upper right), both surrounded by various commercial and civic structures.


The square viewed from the opposite angle.


But all of this is about to change....

Next update: New Barton expands to the mainland.

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