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About this City Journal

The Main City Journal for the Minderia YouTube series, which can be found on the UrbanFoxx YouTube channel.


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Mt. Thorntown

Mt. Thorntown is a municipality in the northeaster section of the Minderian Republic, a country on the planet of Astergea in the Aires constellation, approximately 66 light years away from Earth. This city is primarily known for its vast commercial options, as well as being a major tourist spot for those looking for a mountain getaway. The city reported a population of 20,000 during the 3265 census.


This is a shot of one of three commercial districts in the city, showing a Sam's Club, directly adjacent to a Walmart for those who don't want to purchase a annual membership.


A significantly smaller commercial district in the central portion of Mt. Thorntown. Here, you see an Outback, a Ruby Tuesday, and a Burlington Coat Factory.


This is Mt. Thorntown High School, home to the Wolf Pack. This school has some of the lowest MAT scores in the country, with a score on 1112/1500. This makes the school a C school, with few schools below it in all of Minderia.


The largest commercial district in the city, home to the local McDonald's, a Friendly's Ice Cream (Best Ice Cream EVER) and a Carmax Auto Center. This is also where the hotels are, for anyone just coming off the Minderia Turnpike (Highway W3).


Finally, a small piece of outer suburbia near the police station. Just an image to finish this off. (I really need some new houses.)



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