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About this City Journal

Ive begun this region with realism in mind and I think I have achieved a certain style that looks and feels nice. Hope you enjoy the pics.

City - New City (90).sc4

City - New City (87).sc4

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Sadly I have no pics as there's some format issue but its really coming along well. The funniest thing is is that the making money tutorial map is my best work yet in my own opinion. I love taking any region or map and seeing the possibilities that lie in the infastructure and designing of each city and the surrounding suburbs down to industrial. Everything needs to mesh and thats the eternal joy of SimCity for me in a nut shell. Timbuktu has a fully operational transit system as well. Made sure to have plenty of rail. Folks can fly if theyre in a hurry. My sims have no limmits to what the can do just as i have no limmits as the creator.

City - New City (91).sc4

City - New City (88).sc4

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