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About this City Journal

Follow San Prudenico on a journey through it's development to becoming a big city.I will host city council meetings to make the city more alive.I would do it every 4-7 entries.This project is the west coast version of Arden County.

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Lost every save I had including Arden County for no reason,I couldn't recover the saves at all so hundreds of hours placed into San Prudenico and Arden County all for nothing.Fear not I will come back bigger,better and stronger than ever.


There's been a ongoing conflict with an developer and residents of Claremont.The developer Remi Bros. wants to replace an entire block of old buildings with more houses.Supporters of the rebuild say there's no need for the old buildings anymore as they are reaching their limit.Opposition says destroying the entire block would erase some of the city's history and there's already enough housing in the area.Should the developer leave the block alone or demolish it and replace it with a few more houses?State your opinion and why.