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About this City Journal

Just a place for me to put all the random cities I decide to build that aren't related to Rokton and in any city building game!

Entries in this City Journal



A Cities Skylines Project!


Entry 1: Welcome to Hightonia!


So, this is the first of these new projects that I'm working on, going by the name Hightonia. Now this came about when messing around with highway systems and finding a pretty interesting (at least to me) way to distribute traffic without having clogged highways.

This is the system.



It's basically a slower two lane highway running alongside a 3 lane highway with ramps leading down into the city. This seems to work really well at distributing traffic throughout the city without causing any back up's at the interchanges. (please note that realism isn't a huge concern here, I'm happy with steep ramps as the idea is to test the system)

Anyway opening up my old Sinatoa map, I started building a densely packed city around the highway without using any sort of public transport (planes and ships are allowed though seeing as its a island map) Below are a couple of images of it growing.




Now, unfortunately, the system wasn't fool proof as I found out when I put all the incinerators in the middle of the industrial zone and gave them a single exit to share with a load of high density housing blocks. The results were this, though I think this is just bad planning on my behalf. As you can see I've begun to try and figure out a filter system for the industrial and bin lorries.



Which seems to have fixed the issue



Then, I got to talking in the chat here and decided to try and implement a interchange which led to a harbour being planned on the other side of the existing city. Below is the various stages of creating the overly complex interchange (yes, this is all to feed them two harbours, apparently I decided they needed separate entrances so this turned into a tightly staggered double t junction or very tight angled 4 way interchange and took a while to sort out).





Still it works a treat and the separate harbours to the west mean that traffic from only the east use the two connected to the highway.

So, this is currently where I've got to with this project. I think I next plan on trying to expand to the north-east and see what sort of strain I can put on the grid layout of the city traffic wise. I also want to get a passenger ferry in somewhere near the harbour so that should be interesting.


Current overview:



Join us next time to see how this goes!


James's Random Projects!


So, basically alongside Rokton (whihc will continue as normal, don't worry), I have been playing around with sc4 that I recently downloaded agian and other projects in CSL. Now I love showing you guys what I'm doing and having some sort of outlet for stuff that I make in these games so have decided to start this random projects CJ where I'll document anything I think is worth documenting. Now I'm not sure entirely how this will be organised (or if it will at all, this is one of my projects after all!) as I though there was a sub category features to the CJ's but never mind, If I put a common prefix in each of the projects titles, then you don't have to sift through everything to find the projects your interested in!

As for updates on these projects it'll probably be pretty random as I still want Rokton to be my focus for the time being and I have real life stuff to do as well but I enjoy playing these so expect one every now and then.

Actually I may just do some sort of index in this post then you can click here and follow the link tot he latest entry of the project you like, that might work better!



Entry 1: Welcome to Hightonia!





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