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About this City Journal

Arden County is a replacement of New Lanchester(canceled due to save issues).It's also supposed to about a region that is ending it's industrial revolution and moving on from .The project is inspired by American east coast cities such as New York,Baltimore,Philadelphia,etc.I hope I can finish this project soon.P.S. I have decided to tell history tales about this region as the city journal goes on.

Entries in this City Journal


Before assuming that I will cancel this project I will not cancel this project at all but it's taking a new route.So I made a decision to start the entire project over as completely rural.Why?I've lost interest in developing urban areas and felt like I couldn't do rural and urban at the same time so in response I decided to start over the project as rural.You guys might not be happy about the decision but I just felt unwilling to do urban areas.I also promised to slow down the entries as I realized how much I did on this city journal.Thanks for the support and it keeps me motivated to continue this project.


The city council has recently gotten involved in a ongoing conflict on what should be built at this construction site


Developer #1.Uvorbo Construction & Landscaping wants to build a new housing area along the port area in the distance.Supporters say the project will house 8 families and will possibly provide new economic opportunities. 

Developer #2.Eden Construction CO. wants to include a brand new high school that could increase the land value in the area.Supporters say the new high school will increase the land value around the area and will give more teenagers access to a good high school.


Both sides are at each other's throats over the issues for a while now.There has been numerous confrontations and a fight over what should be built at this area.Which side do you choose?Also state why you chose that position.


Everyone who has been following my Arden County project,I've planned to stop working on this until I get equipment that can run this game without issues.For now I am shifting my focus onto European Cities for now.I plan to use less assets than I would use in American cities.