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River Bow

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About this City Journal

Welcome to my new city journal!

After several months away from Cities: Skylines, I'm finally back.

The biggest reason for my absence had to do with the insane loading time I was getting even after trimming off my subscriptions. I've been following the new Arrowhead Junction YouTube series by Fluxtrance, Strictoaster, and Freshpopcorn. They use a mod, Less Steam, which has done wonders for my loading screen time. I highly recommend both the series and the mod!

Anywho! This is River Bow. I wanted to go with a high desert, something along the lines of Southwestern Wyoming / Northeastern Utah. I grew up in that area and even though the land can be rather barren looking, I've always found it beautiful and lush. Just not in the "ten trees ever 4 square yards" type of lush. I'm using the Innsbruck Valley map with Owl's Los Angeles Theme. Innsbruck Valley had everything I wanted for a map: just a few small rivers and some nice mountains. I had fun turning the alpine map into a barren wasteland!

I fixed a few highways and added a "national road" highway in one of the canyons that had an unfinished 6-lane highway. I've found that using the mod, Move It!, has been the BEST thing ever for fixing uneven roads and adjusting for realistic slopes. I highly recommend it.



Entries in this City Journal

The Big Z

River Bow First Look


From the humble beginnings with just a small gas station pit stop for wear travelers, be they truckers or tourists, River Bow has become a nice pit stop on the way between Point A and Point B. Now a small town, the city is mainly gas stations and restaurants, but as you can see to the left, a small brick factory has popped up.


Main Street greets visitors with a variety of typical fast food restaurants, gas stations, repair shops, and an Auto Zone. 

Shady Oaks Trailer Park

Not farm from main street, Shady Oaks Trailer Park boasts a convenient walk to work as well as inexpensive living. I'll let the pictures do the talking.






I hope you've enjoyed this first look at River Bow. Feel free to like, comment, rate, and all that jazz.

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