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So guys I have a few more pics of San Francisco to show you...

First the Marina and Cruise Ship Terminal which offers cruises up and down the western seaboard and to Alaska...


Next we have our beautiful Bay Bridge, which takes you from downtown San Francisco across the Embarcadaro and the bay over to Oakland...


Safe guarding our city from foreign invaders or just keeping a watchful eye on our citizens who traverse the bay area is our wonderful U.S. Navy and the local coast guard...


Lastly we have the Coit Tower near the San Francisco side of the Golden Gate Bridge...


Now as you can see the city has a long ways to go before completion; however, in the next update you will see downtown San Francisco...



Well guys I won't be able to post anymore pictures of San Francisco until February 2017 because my sister smashed my computer. I'm sorry guys but I will not forget about this project. 


Now this city may have some aspects of real world San Francisco, however; the geography of the city is varied greatly. You will however recognize some of the skyscrapers in the cbd, but there positions may not be true to their real world counterparts. I do want you to enjoy this city journal as I am working very hard and long laborious hours to achieve as much realism into this city as possible. I should have a photo of the city up later today...

So without further ado...Welcome to San Francisco...