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About this City Journal

Established as a US state in 1805, Cacciatoria is a diverse region located in the American Midwest. The state ranges from the plains and farmlands of the north and west, to the densely packed city of Sheffield in the state's center, to the rolling mountains in the southwest. 

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Downtown Sheffield lights up during the nighttime, as waves crash on the banks of the Ashtabula River.

Some General Information about the City of Sheffield, CC

Current Mayor: John Tillsburgh

Population: 104,000 (2010 Census)

Rank in population (In CC): 1st

Largest Employer: Sheffield School System (2,230 employees)

Largest Private Employer: Cacciatorian Energy Company (1,966 employees)

Brief History: Founded in 1774 by Italian-British explorer Alfonso d'Cacciatore, Sheffield was originally named Fort Sheffield, in honor of the town d'Cacciatore grew up in. The town quickly grew as a trading area, mostly dealing in furs, weapons, and other frontier necessities. During the Revolutionary War, the town was attacked by nearby Natives, and set ablaze. In retaliation, the remaining townspeople banded together and sacked and burned numerous Native villages. At the turn of the century, the town grew even further, becoming the second largest city in the Northwest Territory by 1801. In 1806, "The City of Sheffield" was established, and was made the capital of the new state of Cacciatoria. 

Throughout the nineteenth century, Sheffield saw the same major growth that was commonly associated with Midwestern cities. Factories, particularly in the northwestern part of town, grew tremendously, and became the major source of income for the city by the Civil War. During the later half of the twentieth century, Sheffield saw a decline in industry, and a growth in the service industry. Downtown Sheffield, mostly flat prior to the 1960s, shot skyward, as new skyscrapers formed the Sheffield landscape. Today, Sheffield serves as the economic, political, and cultural center of the state of Cacciatoria, and continues to grow as a city.


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