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Here, we begin my new journal with the City of Rowlett.  When I was crafting this region, I unintentionally made a city that looks almost exactly like the one I live in, so I decided to make a recreation of it.


I started with the "Signature Gateway" which is supposed to start construction soon irl. When it's complete irl, it will be home to some towers and midrises, along with entertainment venues.

And it WILL have that sometime soon in the game. Much sooner than the real-life counterpart. And, hopefully when it is done, I can make BATs of the towers built. As long as I know how to by then.


Next, we have the Downtown district. It's home to the city hall, and a lot of family-owned small businesses as of now, but it's also going through construction to bring apartments and businesses there. When it's complete, it won't have buildings as tall as in the "Signature Gateway" area, but it will have decent accommodations for everyone.



Finally, we have the Harborside subdivision. It's much more luxury in real life than in the game. I actually LIVE right by here, so that how I know lol.


Thanks for looking at this new CJ! I know it's not the best, but... I bet I can get better.


Does anyone know how people like takemethere add 25 pics to their CJ but I'm stuck with only 3?  It wont let me put more than 4 Megabytes on here, and I guess one more pic would add to 4 mb... whatever.





Rowlett-Sep. 29, 001467934852.png

Rowlett-Sep. 26, 001467934841.png

Rowlett-Mar. 26, 011467936042.png