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About this City Journal

A robust city being coordinated by the one and only Donald J. Trump. Enjoy my new cities!

Entries in this City Journal


Chapter 1: Welcome to The Republic of Trump! By far one of the greatest countries of all the Nations and of course one of the best 
City Journals you will ever see on this website. Below are the initial figures. 

National Population: 80,000,000 
GDP Rate: 6.8% 
Immigration Statistics: 10,000 immigrants per year. 



As you can see a major central business district is growing at a pace the roads can barely handle. Jobs once lost to China are coming back 
and the people are making a lot of money. So much money. Now its time to expand and become the greatest nation in all the world. Yes, we 
will keep fighting the hordes until we win permanently. 

Next up: More content from the STEX. New architects to make the CBD very very nice. Possibly the best in all of Simtropolis. 

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