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About this City Journal

Forgive me father because i've sin

After my computer failure and lost of all data (including all SC4 data), i had to buy a new machine and i played cities skylines after dark for a week or two. There are only 3 things i like about it:

-bus lines
-bulding a dam

So here i am back to good old Sim City 4. The prodigal son has returned.



Entries in this City Journal

Urban Constanta

Episode 2



@philforhockey51 - my new mic and the mixer are on the way, and as soon as i'll recieve'em the audio quality will be perfect :)

@kelistmac - of course it won't be a plop region. but some areas need ploping due to their destination, ex : the university to create a realist campus you need to plop some buildings like the doorms, main buildings, sports complex etc. :)


And here it is episode 2: some bridges and a lot of rail , actually in the next episodes we'll finish the rail, elrail, monorail and also we'll build a seaport.