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Area 052

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About this City Journal

Watch the region grow from its farming roots to a booming megalopolis.

Entries in this City Journal


Humble Beginings

Welcome to Area 052.

In this, my first City Journal, I will invite you to join me as I build up a region from a series of small farming towns up to hopefully a huge nextwork of large cities. I am to try and have a blance between realism, and gameplay. So expect some girdding, but also some nice breaks into scenic wonderlands.

I've amassed quite a few mods, and plugins (which sits at the moment at just over 400MB). The most radical being NAM, and CAM. The name of the CJ is actually based off the map name I'm using which is this one by blade2k5 named "Map 52". I also like have touches of home in Sim City, so you'll see lots of references to my hometown of Toronto. CN Rail trains, TTC buses and streetcars to name three. If you want to know where I picked up a particular plugin, just ask and I'll be happy to track it down.

Now onto the first city of Area 052.


Rumsey is the first small town of Area 52. Home to just over 300 sims.


Rumsey was founded off of rual highway 1, and its accompanying rail line.


Which sees some light use.


Here we can also see the town's small commercial centre, who's gas station is featured in another regions TV show "Corner Gas" Plugin

The site of the town was picked also for its close proximity to lake Winacog, from which the town draws its water.


For now the town looks to expand to its South. With sims hard at work at clearing away the forest that covers the vast majority of Area 052.


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