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About this City Journal

A city journal based on the concept of two interacting cities

Entries in this City Journal


Here is Radnia.
And here is Siroki.
Coincidently, for the first time since the war, the town council election has occured within in the same year. But recently the towns have been in decline and the hope is that the new leaders will usher in a new era. The projects have already started. Here are the first airbone wind turbines.
These produce more power while also do not stand in the way of the view (kind of).
The highway intersections have been upgraded to dumbbells in preparation for heavier traffic.
The Siroki Banana Co. has also created a facility which employs nearly all of the residents of these towns.
The Sirokese are not happy that the Radnians are working at the  Banana Co. even though it was the Sirokese goverment

which had set it up. And these are some overhead pictures.

First Siroki.


And Radnia.


Have Fun!



The Backstory

Hello, this is a new city journal called A Tale Of Two Cities.

This shall be an overview/preview before this actually begins.

This city journal is on the map Mount Cyraka, created by me.


This is the overview of the map.


It is a tropical map with 3 highway connections, 2 rail connections, ship connection (in the rivers and sea), air connection.

Most flat land is fertile and the majority of the map is covered with trees (not a very high density).

There is also a couple of spots with ore and oil situated around the map.

The river from the north is the best candidate for a dam.

The idea for this city journal is that there is two cities right next to each other (opposite sides of Mount Cyraka).

They are totally against each other but still rely heavily on each other.

Here is My collection with all the assets and mods.

If you want to suggest anything, go ahead

I hope you will enjoy the city journal!

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