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About this City Journal

Today start the adventure in the wonderfull world of Papualia a country divided in two isles in the Pacific. Papualia is a country with a rich story and a rich culture. With an high life style this is a country that never sleep that continues to follow the goal to become the "Perfect Country"

In every part of this adventure you could read a part of the Papualian Story followed by a photo of one of the most beautifull place of this new world's country.


Country: Papualia

National Motto: Our Honor to Papualia!

Pop.: 4.156.875 (2015)

GDP (percapita): 38.867$ (2014)

GDP (nominal): 161.565.260.625$ (2014)

Government: Parliamentary Republic

Republic's President: William Leifmann (2013)

Prime Minister: Anne Duff (2015)





Love our Papualia



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