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StarCity! [C:S]

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Welcome to StarCity!

After many failed test cities, I've finally perfected my city plan. The result is StarCity! The city isn't complete yet, but if you follow the CJ you can watch it grow with me, and maybe even throw some ideas at the city. After playing for a while I wanted to create a more controlled growth pattern. So I came up with a modular street plan that I can build in whole when building new areas of the city, that connect well together, contains space for most of the important services, and was flexible enough to scale up with the zoning. This is what I came up with...


Four equal sections, each 20 squares to a side and divided in half, surrounding an inner rectangle. The zoning in the four outer sections can be whatever the city needs, but in the beginning I start out with the inner half of each section divided between Commercial & Residential, while the outer half is all Residential.The inner rectangle is where I put all the services that a city would need, Schools, Medicine, Fire, Police, Death, and parks. After laying the ground work, and letting the sim run for a bit, you get this... a pretty little proto-city.

And thus... StarCity was born..

In the next update we'll explore the city a bit, how it functions, and look at the Industrial Center.

Thanks for checking out StarCity, and I hope you all are interested enough to come back for the updates.


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