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About this City Journal

A dedication to an Ohio River hometown.

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Built in 1880 and torn down in 1955, The Central School building educated the kids of Wellsville, OH for 75 years. Now replaced with McDonald Elementary School on the same ground. It featured a tall bell tower in the center and had a large auditorium on its 3rd floor,  which was closed off as unsafe in 1953, the last year it was open.


Lynnsville-Apr. 7, 111463158602.png

Lynnsville-Apr. 7, 111463158643.png

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Wellsville is a small town along the Ohio River in Columbiana County of Ohio. Wellsville was founded in 1795 and peeked in population in 1920 at 8,849 residence. Population in 2010 was down to 3,541. Wellsville was a huge pottery industry town and was a major part of the railway connections to Pittsburgh and Cleveland. The drop in population in large part was due to the closing of many pottery plants and factories throughout the area. Also due to the construction of the Route 7 highway which took out a very large part of the edge of the city in the 1970's.

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