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"Black Gold"

After the collapse of global oil prices, nations and oil companies were at the edge of bankruptcy. The oil reliant Kingdoms in the Middle East and the decreased profits of oil companies caused an international meeting to take place and the formulation of the "Black Gold" plan. It fuelled a coup of three Middle Eastern states and encompassed them to creating one state which would combine their oil production to be reduced. According to the plan, this would reduce supply and increase the price of oil.

Pushed through the UN at an alarming place, the region was declared an "International Colony" and in the mandate of the New Nation State Committee (NNSC), a group of representatives from organisations and nations which so happened to be the ones who orchestrated the Black Gold plan.

The plan quickly showed results. Not only did the International Colony help increase the prices of oil, its military capacity allowed it to undertake a global foreign policy, aimed at controlling a small region which was mineral-rich in Africa. The brutal colonial policies caused global outcry and led to the overthrow of the International Colony in Africa. This begun the decline of the once great power.

With corruption rampant and people tired of the monopolistic ways of the International Colony, a revolution ensued against the Government of the International Colony and its people. The deadly war cost the lives of over 1 million people and nearly a trillion dollars worth of damage. The people however won. They overthrew the puppet government and established their own government, named the "New Republic".

Thus the dry and dusty sands of the Middle East will see the rise of once the great power again.

Note: This City Journal is not affiliated with any real organisation, company or country and is solely used for role-play purposes only.

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