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The same world... A different history...

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Teaser 1: Queens


@Tonyr: Thank you! More night shots this teaser!

@Schulmanator: Thnx! I love your cities too!

@Jolteon: Thank you too.

@Tonraq: About the building: There is no space ship flying above it... not yet... :ninja:

@FU5R0D4H: Very thanks! :P

@Mymyjp: I'm also thanking you: thank you!

@SylvioJ: Well, here is more, but it's another downtown. (by the way: thanks for commenting)

@coolwiththecool2: Thank you too!

I thought I was finished replying to your comments, but then I saw there were another 3 comments! I have to thank you again for commenting so much.

@dossenaandrea: Thanks. I only don't know how seawalls work. I have installed some, but I just can't find out how to place them.

@kirkdangerfield: Oops, thanks for noticing. Latin was never my best subject at school. :uhm:

@Kisa Atsuko: I don't like the word 'kinda' :P , but still thanks!

And now, a teaser:



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