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About this City Journal

Shakovisk, a socialist East European nation that was born from the ruins of the Soviet occupation in World War II.

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The Interior of Shakovisk

The Interior of Shakovisk

In the interior of Shakovisk, it is not difficult to find large farms and farming communities, encouraged by the Central People's Government and the creation of the Post-War Economic Policy (PWEP) of Shakovisk, created just after the Soviet evacuation and end of the Second World War. The Shakovisk fields serve the population and maintains a solid base from the last part of PEPG, but there are still labor abuses at times gets to be slave labor, which deeply hurts the socialist society preaches. Today we will know the cities of Marks, Deven and Sudestek, all in the South of Shakovisk, where agriculture and large plantations are more abundant, but also where the climate is suitable for food production. In cities can also be noted large Soviet monuments in honor of the Soviet Union for helping in the reconstruction and structuring Shakovisk, which would enter the Warsaw Pact.







Great Catastrophes and Education

Today show a great event, but it is not good, the explosion of the Nuclear Power Plant Marxistk in the east of the country. We will start with the nuclear explosion that occurred in Marxistk, former area of Soviet occupation, which helped Shakovisk to build a nuclear power plant to meet the needs of the far east of the country. On the night of September 27, 1993, happens a leak in the reactor that triggered the death of thousands of people. Follow the pictures before and after the event.


In the other side of the country, in the capital, Dostoevsky, the government invests in education for young shakovicos. Being education a priority when the economy and the planning was planned for the country to grow with young wise and defending the right of egalitarian socialism.



Introduction of Shakovisk

People's Community of Shakovisk

Shakovisk, a small Eastern European country since its creation seeks to strengthen and create equality in socialist molds. After the Soviet occupation after the Second World War, Shakovisk seeks to grow and show your place in the world with the egalitarian ideals for all. In its capital, Dostoevsky, there is growth and nation-building, but behind it lies a ruthless and nothing egalitarian society, totally out of the socialist standards...