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Intro - The City


(The first place most travelers see, after getting off their train)

Welcome, welcome to Gwaanjyut!

Gwaanjyut (Written in Hanzi as 関越, pronounced Gwaanjyut in Cantonese and Guanyue in Mandarin), is a (100% frictional) city located in the hilly part of South China. The city sits in a basin, on the flat land between north bank of the Saigong(西江, 'Great river of the west') and the Sengwu(星湖, 'Lake of Stars'). The mountains which surround the basin offer not only refreshing views for the citizens, but also perfect locations for tea fields that yield tea leaves of a fine quality.

As a major stop on the route from Gwongzau (廣州, Guangzhou in Mandarin, a.k.a. Canton), the central city of the region, to other major cities to the west, Gwaanjyut's economy had benefited from the merchants passing by. Construction of the Jyutsai Railway Line (粵西線, 'West Jyut Line') further boosted local economy and shortened the traveling time from downtown Gwongzau to Gwaanjyut down to less than an hour. In recent years, Gwaanjyut had became a popular place for young people to settle, due to the low rent compared to Gwongzau and good proximity to the nearby metropolis. As a result, various art galleries, independent bookstores and music studios mushroomed in this tiny yet elegant city.

Oh, by the way, in Gwaanjyut, punched cards are still what most computers uses to interact with the world.

And that's all for this introduction. Enjoy your time here :rofl: