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Mayon City Restored !

At last some news from Mayon Province. This summer I might pickup on the Mayon Province II region. Europa ANNO may have a break !

Today I show you some stuf of the former Mayon Province, Mayon City. All pictures have been optimized and edited of unnescesary stuff !

Hope you will enjoy this enhanced tour !

Mayon City Main rail station !

Mayon City 05.jpg

Down town and business district !



Surrounding Area !


Some residentials !



Mayon City Fairgrounds !


Most photographic places in Mayon City to be revisted. Some photo hosting problems due !

Hope you enjoyed this CJ and  see you back next time !


Mayon City 05.jpg

Mayon City 15.jpg

Mayon City 16.jpg

Mayon City 18.jpg

Mayon City 12.jpg

Mayon City 20.jpg

Mayon City 13.jpg

Mayon City 06.jpg

Mayon City 11.jpg


Evans Ville Regatta !

Evans Ville Regatta !


This CJ I introduce to you the annual Evans Ville Regatta ! All year except the off season there lot´s of events.

First have a look at Evansville ! Evans Ville as Thareau ville are the close neighbour towns of Providence City !

Evans Ville is mainly a business town providing everything for the super rich !  Let´s have a look !


Down Town !


Commercial and Hi-Tech boosting !



Some Neighbourhoods !


Evans Ville Modern Marina !



Horse Racing and Golf Club !



Leisure Resort Hotels


Let´s return to the title of this CJ the Regatta !


Competitors gather in the old natural harbour !


Race is closely monitored by the judges boat !


Let´s get started !


Evan´s Ville Rock Islands are to be rounded to complete the course !


As short as the race is there´s a victor wich will compete in the next round !


Those who are eliminated from the competition still have there booz ready in on of the Marina´s Bar´s !


Well this concludes this month Mayon Province CJ ! As anounced there will be a new CJ EUROPE ANNO ! Focus will be on establshing this CJ so Mayon Province CJ 2.0 will be on a on-off basis for some time; developement will continue !

Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !


Sampson Woods Forest !

Sampson Woods Forest !

This month CJ we stay in the area of the community of Sampson. We have a look at the Sampson Woods Forest. This is one of the provincial parks, protected area for nature and wildlife. Here a map overview !


Highway 4 borders the area !


Let´s have a look at the area !


Lot´s of deer around !


Recreation at some of the lakes !


Southern side designated some agricultural activities !


Some small communities !



Road site R Dinner !


Sampson Woods main town, squeezed into the forest !


Healthy, fresh air, spa and relaxation improve life for the better !


Long or short stay everything posible for a nice vacation or two !

Mayon Province development is again getting into a stage of under development. Progres will continue. CJ will continue some way. Mean while the desire arised to do something with european bat´s. This CJ series will be about several european cities, several era´s and there settings ! Technical setting up the simulation bat´s is at about a reasonable level, progress will be at random how much have been build ! This new CJ serie will be called Europe ANNO !

Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back the next time !




Slow, Slow we Go !

Slow, slow we Go !

Last CJ took a trip around our latest city. This CJ we take another short trip around the Fort Grayon - Sampson City area. We gona take a trip on the Fort Grayon - Sampson City canal. Still there is a lot activity around this area. Some agriculture, a lot of Coal and some other activities. Here a map of the area with the route marked !


We start at Fort Grayon old harbour !


Early day´s this was a very busy port. Today it´s a small business hub.

We move on to the seaport area with some of the older industrial quarters !


The old navy yard on left corner. Traditional Cheese, Mustard, Shoe, Pencil, Postcard, Match making and Chocolate Factories around.

With some twists, turns and locks we travel to the the mayor junction with the Mayon City exit !



The Fort Grayon Rail Depot.



We sea on the left a textile mill, on the right a saw mill and the Duff Brewery. On the right is the Mayon City section !

Up we go to Sampson City !


Highest section of the Canal got a saw mill. Upside we see the resevoir wich feeds the canal. Modern water management tries to save as much water as posible. Norther American do have a lot of rain still every drop is treasured.

Next we cross a array of coal mines and a agricultural landing !



Some older relic of railway Fort Grayon bypass highspeed passenger line from before the Sampson City - Evansville tunnel to serve to connection to Thareaxville and Providence City with furthur connection to the neighbouring province.


Country fair and another coal mine.


Last coal mine before we enter Sampson City !


Old town is quit a distance from the harbour, we cross the highway and the railtrack inbetween Fort Grayon and Thareauville.


Finaly the end of our yourney. Sampson City harbour !


This yourney took us just about through a dozen of locks to complete. All the time in the world to take up the surroundings wich got small varity of activities to enjoy !

Hope you enjoyed this CJ and hope to see you back the next time !












Providence Garden City !

Providence Garden City !

This CJ we take a flight to the up to now third largest city in the mayon province. Population is about 70.000 There´s no real harbour or coastal connection by water. Thareaux Ville lies on the north, Evansville on the east. It´s got the usual enterprises, wide networks and is known for it´s large green parks !

We land at Providence Muni Airport in the dark !


We take the excelent train ride into town !


We arrive at the main station !


The Marriot Hotel Providence City is our stay for the night !


Well rested we awake and take our breakfast !


Let´s explore the city !

First we drop off at the city museum !


We take a stroll of one of the many parks


Next we take a look at what´s makes this city moving, The Block !


A skyline like no other, wich gets even more impresive every day.

Industrial side of town is aswell well served with the railway´s and a elevated highway !


Providence got a extensive railway network serving all city parts and aswell three metro lines serving the downtown, industrial and univeristy area.



Some more pictures of the city !



Take a look at the university area !


There´s also a Art School and extensive library.

Providence City ´Hawks´ play there matches at the Bellevue stadium !


Yet we finish this CJ with some Night views of the city !




Afther a long weekend strolling the streets of Providence City we have to so goodbye for now, still some to explore !


What a town !

Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see back next time !








Island Hopping !

Island Hopping !

This short CJ we go offshore. Mayon Bay got a great selection of small islands to visit ! We start at with a overview of the area.


Largest island in the bay is Isle Mayon ! A picture has been created to give a full view of the island, in practice there split in two !


Odd situation, they all have there own departments of police, fire and healthcare. Still there living quit as good friends !


Tourisme most busiest commercial tourisme port side !


People looking for silence can get away with the other side !


Wildlife reserve direct opposite Isle Mayon !


Now we move to some lighthouse islands, wich were quit necesary in the old day´s. Still non computer navigated veasels use these beacons !



Oh no how will they avoid this island, where they electricty is off !


Last we visit Isle Grayon at the gateway to the bay !




Visitors are welcome as long they respect the wildlife !

Well this is the CJ for this month, Meadowshire terrain Mod added and fully MMP´t.

Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back in the next one !







Countryside Peninsula Galore !

Last time I mentioned the railferry to the Cape Hartford area. In this CJ we will explore the countryside of Cape Hartford and Fort Grayon Islea and Ocean. Cape Hartford peninsula countryside is still in a early stage; Fort Grayon Islea and Ocean area is much wider developed. First settlers to Mayon Province went ashore on these peninsula´s wich were relativy safe. Some area´s of Fort Grayon Islea and Ocean and the town development of Fort Grayon Ocean will be revealed in a later CJ.

Let´s start with the Cape Hartford area !

Early pictures of the harbour town !


Latest reworked harbour area !


Some countryside splendour !




Cape Hartford Town


Another rural community


Cape Hartford has as mentioned a connection with Fort Grayon. Cape Mayon is another well connected destination by fast ferry !

This route shorten the journey to Mayon by 50 miles, a relaxing boat trip. Ferry operates summer only !

Cape Mayon Port !



Now we move on to the Fort Grayon Islea and Ocean area !

Agricultural the oldest area of Mayon Province where the first founders of the province started up the area´s wealth.

First Fort Grayon Islea the tip of the peninsula !


Cows enjoying the grasslands !


Fort Grayon Islea Town


Apple orchards !


Next to conclude the Fort Grayon Ocean area !

Another agricultural community !


Some more agricultural pictures to conclude !



Well that´s are some pictures; the mods you install do comeback sometime ! Cows are lot harder to reproduce. Development is going so rapidly in the west part of Mayon province I have more than enough pictures fill some future CJ.. However to not fall into repetition I change the subject next time and will have a look at; the maritime scene of Mayon Bay !

Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back in the next one !







Fort Grayon the province capital is bustling full of life. Bay area is getting in shape. Present day and old age going along into the future.

Metro and S Railway are extended to the bay area and Sampson City Old Side making moving around even more easier !

Old City Gardens



Cityhall and Museum Quarters Area


Fort Grayon Bay Beach front


S Rail local fast service runs from the old town beach head along the central station to Grayon Bay beach and Sampson City Old



S Rail Beach front junction, Rail ferry used to be run cargo across the bay, Evans Ville Rail tunnel made it obsolete except for some small cargo for the Hartford Area.



Marine Base and coast guard



Hope you enjoy these pictures and see you back next time !










Bridges, Roads, Tunnels !

Work on Mayon Province lines of communication´s continue´s. Rather boring, don´t mind if you don´t like RHW !

RHW seems to be quit simple if you have a lot of room. Some time the sollution is easy, often quit difficult. First we have a look at some bridges in Thareau Ville. The´r connecting Thareau with Providence City and Fort Grayon.



Local road connection need to be nice and tight !


Another look at the Thareau Ville Nouvelle traffic interchange west of town further developed !


Evans Ville and Sampson Ville tunnel access proofed to be quit a challenge !



Sounds too boring all those highway´s ! Earlier comment mentioned this would become a big metropolis so it will probably be, setting up a town layout is in this way properly planned is one of several one´s of doing ! Traffic isn´t around so it feels somewhat bar cold. RHW free world would somewhat be more relaxing, first putting in one mayor highway would be more natural, for future planning space could allways be reserved; unfortunaly RHW takes up more space than one would like it to be. So more or less the western half of Mayon Province RHW is about finished ! Rural mayon will be maintained in certain area´s of mayon province, hilly terrain obviously won´t allow much development; some of the coastal area´s and the east part will be more rural !


Mayon Bay west of Cape Mayon Rail RHW mix-up !


Next another interchange challenge on the eastern part of the map beyon Cape Mayon in the Roghue Island Hartford area !




Hartford and Roghue Island bridge connection !


Strange S like without a interchange how odd, probably a sollution like bellow will ease the congestion !


Mayon CJ update frequence for the summer will be monthly. Experimenting with sets and details takes a lot of time.

Enjoying the summer holiday is in such some other thing not to forget !

Hope you enjoyed this CJ, see you back in the next one !


Thareau Ville Mirror Town !


Thareau Ville is a industrial town in the western half a Mayon Province. Since arrival of the railways it has gone fast and addition of a seaport added to it´s achiefments. Located on the border it is a important access way into the province.


Grey cloud is hanging over Thareau Ville Old Town. Lot´s of coal have littered they air still there are 8 giant Oil powerplants and much loved Waiste to energy plant. Harbour providing industry with a new acces point to the world !



Yet business flurished a airport and airforce base arrived.



Thareau Ville Old Town is stille expanding into somekind of plaid of small neighbourhoods.


Thareau Ville Nouvelle is situated on the southern shore of the Sampson Bay.


Development is going rapid with the arrival of the university.


Shore has got some beach life arround !


Thareau mass transit was primarely based on rail and bus transport. Recently a kind of seperate light rail network was added.


Sampson Valley Ingle County waterway is completed !

As a small continuation on last CJ I completed this old lady. Afther Sampson Valley the canal continues with two giant locks.


Construction engineers went to the ultimate limits of there time and even incorperated a canal tunnel in there design.

Boats are pulled through the tunnel by a cable system, gas drawn navigation would be to toxic, such canals are know quit relic in europe; most taken over by rail and more modernized navigational routes !


Ingel County side proofed to be more gradual with it´s locks more manageable.



Plopable Houses, abandoned afther a while ?

Experimented with some chicago like plopable housing lots. There also a houston set. Lovely vintage housing around ?


There complaining about jobs, long commute time, maybe some more beatification would be nice ?

Simcity 4 economic model looks quit agressive to these kind of lots. Occupied when plopped there abandoned afther a while around because of long commute time, although the jobs are arround the corner, nice commercial work and a good education around. What kind of problem do we have here, some say these kind of lots won´t work and are for beautifying your neighbourhood for the pictures. Any one any idea !

Wel that concludes this CJ. Hope to see you back in the next one !


Sampson Valley Agricultural Zone !

Mayon Province 2.0 is evolving into one large new province. RHW and rail and road network is spreading through the region and some new towns are build or given a name. Fort Grayon and the Mayon City South got some attention regarding local or regional issues !

Sampson Valley the large agricultural area behind Mayon City is nearing it´s completion as agriculture concerned !

Small settlement halfway !


Lock´s halfway just up the valley !


Agricultural zone !


Sampson Ville area and detailed town !



Sampson valley community makes most out of it´s water flooded irrigation system wich makes it´s one of the most fruitful places in Mayon Province !

RIOTS in Mayon city South !

This week some citizens were not happen with the safety in town. Some area are only agricultural so don´t need much, still there complaining. Nice to see the riot mod in action !

Demonstration on it´s way !


Police taking action !


Something more realisme in the game with this mod if mayor rating drops bellow certain vallue. Mayor if you don´t perform upmost we will take action !

Some random shots !

Last as part of every CJ there will be some kind of random shot part. This may be show some teazer shots or to come up with some kind of building problem or searching for some kind of BATS or MMP or etc ! Today I got a problem with my train mod, it display some kind of short light rail train instead of the maxis train, wondering or any one recognize these so I can replace those with a more suitable set !




Hope anyone will recognize this set !

This concludes today´s CJ. Next time we will have a look at the town of Thareau Ville !

Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !


Mayon Province 2.0

Mayon Province 2.0

What lays behind those borders of the original province was largely a question. Obviously Maxisland ! No that´s a world imagined. Allthought there some custom theming around where mainly here in some kind of North American setting wich gives some room for mediteranean or marine like posibilities. If posible some old settlement or landmarks will be placed and will some theming be continued; for the rest will be quit the average, allthought there are still a lot of custom sets, with wich I would like to give the other city´s a more distinct look of their own ! Gradually all will be build up, so everynow and then there will be updates !

Afther giving the province a distinct shape correction, yesterday I started giving the left part of the province some greenery !


Expanding from Mayon City the province is layed open for development. Gradual all communication links are extended.


Some new farming communities have been set up !



Mayon maybe the largest city in this province, the capital however is Fort Grayon laying to the south !


The Mayon Province Councel is housed in the large capitol like building in the background !


Fort Grayon´s administrative center for the province gives it a distinct role in the business and trade community !


As you can see there´s new life brought into the province. A lot of room to fill up, so we will return here in a later CJ !

Hope you enjoyed this CJ and hope to see you back the next time !


Mayon Province 2.0 Update !

Mayon Province got very crowded still there is development around in the Mayon River and the Ocean area !



Recently I decided to migrate the whole region into a new home to have some expansion space. Brock region by

mkaustin on STEX seemed the obvious choice. This comes in three sizes so it isn´t to large still nice to work !

My congratulation to the creator of this region for his excellence to produce something wonderfull for the community !


Mayon Province migration will obviously change some or even a lot of the new map layout. Some volcano and flat mesas´s wich where in Mayon Province original map, will probably return in somekind of place. Industries current in Mayon may move out of town replaced by more residential and commercial demand. New cities will appear wich will require highspeed transport links. Ocean orientated resorts will have a name change to "Mayon on sea" a like because they will more be on a bay or lake then a ocean. Some offshore islands will be added . Still I am commited to keep some of the character of the chosen regional map alive !

Mayon Province 2.0 migrated into Brocks !


Today I ´v worked on the terraforming. Some minor issue with the resolution had put a bar on the lower side of each city tile. Samerton could fortunaly help me on the lounge to resolve this issue. Thank you Samerton for your assistence. Here todays work in full glory !


As you can see all is fitting much nicer together. Mayon peninsulla extended. Land bridge in between the now lake side resorts. Some changes to the islands. Mountain range extended to the north. Left side will stay as it is, some small rivers or some light or heavy hills but nothing more.



City Journals for Mayon Province 2.0 will be in the kind of building up style so published journals will be on a more gradual basis of a Two weekly intervall can be Three weekly if there is some other project around but so there will be some more room for the creativeness !

Hope you enjoyed this update and hope to see you back in Mayon Province 2.0 CJ !


Mayon Province Town Town Town´s

Mayon got except the Mayon City and the River Park area a lot of small to medium settlements. Mayon City South may have the largest amount, often with sometimes a special purpose. Let´s have a look at these town´s. First the administrative center.


Town Medium Residential Zoned Sellfsustained with it´s own industrial area and a landing strip it provides home´s to worker´s who work in the neighbouring harbour area wich is at the back. Yet the business community has grown so large a special business landingstrip has been provided for !


Second largest with a lower residential zoning a area well connected more like a suburb for Mayon City !


Last in this part of town the very special purpose settlement. First a railway town with a medium size railyard with load unload faciltities !


Next a closer look at the wood industrial plot !


Last we conclude with a mountainious wellness resort !


Next we take a look at some town north of Mayon City. This area is as split inbetween agriculture and industrial enterprise !

First the administrative area wich has on the left some suburb wich are meant to provide home´s for the workers on the big industrial complex of Mayon City on the bordering left.


Iron ore mining and agriculture area with some industrial activity !



Mining materials collected are transported to a neer by steelplant to be processed in various products. Nearby town also got a large goods sorting facilties to serve most of goods traffic before proceeding !




Well that´s are lot´s of jobs provided to our local inhabitants !

One last update to last week´s journal. Mayon Bay Park got new flood walls installed !


Much more security provided to this important center of commerce !

Mayon Province project has got to such stage I have decided to put the weekly Journal update on hold. When there´s any mayor new development ready I consider continue the series. Meanwhile I may start a general Journal or maybe a specialized Journal on some of my older regions ! They may look some outdated but maybe some refurbishment can be achieved !

Let´s conclude this journal !

Hope you like´d the pictures, and see you next time !


Mayon Province Harbour Down Town Bay

Mayon Province has become a mayor player in harbour business. Container port is state of the art with a size of allmost the hole down town area. Old canal port is still functioning, a new fishing is being constructed on the south side. Let´s have a overview !


Canal Port


Constructed as a interchange inbetween canal and seaworthy vessel or bulk or cargo boats.

Container Terminal 1,2,3


Mayor containershipment facilities for road or rail on/off or transit transport !


Cargo trains wich are sorted for further transport are brought to this impresive railyard beside the terminal, oposite the wide road is Mayon Lager Beer company situated.


Let´s finish the harbour facilities with a equal impresive oil terminal and refinery !

Mayon Province do have some offshore oil platforms but the mayority has to be imported from oil rich country´s.



Notice the special oil tanker loading facilities !

Well that´s just about the grandious harbour facilities there are, we now move on to what frequently be called the manhatten like Down Town Area. Equal impresive absolutely !


Business District North with it´s impresive offices beside the govermential offices



Mid town Living quarters with recreational parks.


Heart of this part of town the Sampson ´Triangle´ Park

Now we go for the final piece the resistance. Super Silverline Skyline of the head of the City.


How about that ! Who can resist not living on such a beautiful island tip !

Well that was a very large episode, next time we take at a look at various scenes !

Hope you will join next´s journal !


Mayon Province Agraculture

Firstly there was Maxis farming, straight lines, a bit older picture !


Second stage desire to have some none maxis mods like SPAM or independent. Here we have a large hop farm area.

All a litttle bit experimental, Maxis farms are when developing only available on demand, for a short time, other mods are queutly very time consuming they´ll need to be added one square a time and have some difficulty with height differences.


Inland canal system added to take goods to and from the harbour !


Besides Agraculture there´s also a very large wood industrial area !


So long for the inland area.

Coastal area was designed like two holiday resorts with inbetween a large rural area with some sub tropical theme.

First we have a large sugar plantation along the coast, providing some jobs. People will have to move out to get higher education, mostly decent hand or mechenical labour offered.


Last we have a little Italian town surrounded by Vineyards and Olive plantation´s



Hope to develope this tile a little bit more to have more orchards and furthure fruits.

Next episode we take a look at the harbour and some downtown development !


Mayon Province Journals Updated !

Previously published journals have been updated. Due to picture publishing on Simtropolis didn´t work and I had to provide links to a offline hosting site. Maters have been resolved and now the journal pictures are fresh on ST with some comment !

Glad hope this will be working for the comming journals, and I can concentrate more on the visual look !

As I´m writing this I will give you some more pictures to show !

Mayon City Railway upgrade has gone underway !

Fresh new look central station


Suburb station


Railway Junction


University got a new campus


Some entertainment and Sports



Some variety of pictures





Hope you enjoy my pictures !


Finaly I´v achieved it pictures on Simtropolis !

Took me a while had to change hosting, got it working; Hoera ! Will update older Journals to meet.

Really relieved everthing is working, got very disappointed. Wish you the very best watching !

Mayon River Park

The City needed more space for business Landmarks and expanded to the river island park. Manhatten arrived !


River shore shared medium business and residential area. Island as well some medium residential.



Traffic on the bridges went to large and some RHW had to be added to ease congestion. RHW don´t excist so i had to relay the tunnel connection just about 3 or more times; replaced it with a maxis later. A double trumpet exchange to ease !



Some entertainment and recreation for the young are the Zoo and Aquatic Center



Next journal we will go into the countryside, enjoying some of the inland and coastal agriculture !

Hope you will be there !


Mayon Province The City

Mayon Province The City


Mayon Province started with the city, a medium community with a certain modern road and rail network planned in advance ! Up to this point i have never touched RHW road network, so for me quitely a new experience. Every tile is in principle hanging in the ballance on budget. Oldest part of the city it has a big business and industrial district and all to entertain a young city !



Business Area and University


Industrial and Hitech and Rural area




A special item on this tile is the themepark; just every item added got it´s difficulties, just like adding part of a canal system wich will be covered in another journal !


Hope you enjoy the pictures !


Mayon Province, some time this region is in progrese of completion.

Looking for a compact city region with some marine development posibilities, i embarked on the

region of Mayon Province. Mayon Province has three distinct areas. Mayon City, North, South

forming the administrative and industrial backyard. Mayon Riverpark, North, South forming the

river island area and harbour and Mayon Ocean, North South and Valley to be somekind of

tourisme and agriculture area. Here a over view picture of the region.


Several Youtube I´v Hosted links to the pictures and will update this Journal

Some pictures of Mayon Ocean South Lates development to conclude.

The Promenade with the downtown area and trainstation.


The Casino


Golfcourse custom made !


Motorsports park and Horseracingtrack


and at last the marina and cruise terminal !


Some variety of pictures






Hope you will enjoy it !