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Our ship has landed!

Poll has ended! The result is: Option 1: 1 vote ; Option 2: 3 votes ; Option 3: 4 votes ; Option 4: 4 votes; Option 5: 2 votes. There is a tie between option 3 and 4, but due to the two comments that supports number 4, we decided to land on Option 4 which is the area with the natural breakwater. In the next update, we will built our settlement. Again, thank you for voting, and keep on watch for the future updates :D


Landing Point

Hooray!!! Finally after 3 weeks of sea voyage we see an land!!! But the problem is that, we see from the distance some landing points possible, and we cannot figure which point to land our ship in. Possible options:


Please help us finding the best spot to land our ship by voting above. Poll has ended at 14/11, 20:00 GMT+7 (Jakarta/Bangkok/Hanoi) (13:00 GMT) Thank you for voting. (Note to previous voters: due to an editing error, please revote again. Sorry for that.)

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