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(SC4) Randstad

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About this City Journal

My Randstad region with Dutch/European themed cities.

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Welcome to my first entry! Today, I will show you the pictures of my latest city in regio Randstad, called Verlinn.

This city has been inspired by the Berlin Wall after 1990, and I thought it was a nice idea trying to divide a city into two parts. There are two ways through the wall, because Simcity mechanics don't like it when not everything is interconnected. :)

Verlinn by night

15742053025_77734d8c9f_b.jpgVerlinn-16 Mei., 061415481080 by Koenvh., on Flickr

Verlinn by day

15557226280_b87033eb98_b.jpgVerlinn-30 Apr., 061415480966 by Koenvh., on Flickr

The small crossing.

15122105074_7d170baefe_b.jpgVerlinn-5 Mei., 061415481006 by Koenvh., on Flickr

The large crossing. I quite like how those toll booths worked out.

15556177559_2c41453270_b.jpgVerlinn-7 Mei., 061415481020 by Koenvh., on Flickr

An air base near the border. The tension is still there.

15742052335_5cb554b1e8_b.jpgVerlinn-19 Mei., 061415481111 by Koenvh., on Flickr

Military base on the other side of the border.. The border is just out of view.

15556618818_603316b6ca_b.jpgVerlinn-9 Mei., 061415481039 by Koenvh., on Flickr

That's about it for this entry. It was a small project, other cities have a lot more pictures which I just put online on Flickr. I don't give them a description or anything, though they are sorted in albums.

If you're interested: https://www.flickr.com/photos/96903813@N02/sets/

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