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About this City Journal

the capital of simnation

Entries in this City Journal



for those of you wondering why there hasn't been much activity on my journal lately, allow me to explain.

due to a computer problem (basically my copy of SC4 stopped working for some reason that i couldn't figure out) i have lost the city of Simtropolis forever. however i have now managed to get a copy which works (don't want to do product placement here, but i got it through steam). Simtropolis shall return (i just need to build more of it first).



i will have to repost some of the journal entries i've already done due to the fact i now have two brand new texture packs installed. this means that the old rather rubbish looking textures in some of the photos i've already uploaded have gone but i will have to retake all my photos to show off the brand new texture packs.


fort teller


fort teller lies to the southeast of simtropolis and is home to the national miltary research institute, the site not only houses military research units but also two regiments of mechanised infantry, one squadron of johnson-lee f274 llama interceptors and the 44th tactical missile wing.


angel's island


angel's island is the headquaters of the simnational navy, originally developed as a prison, the base was founded in 1950 as a servicing station for the brand new nuclear submarine fleet simnation was developing, over the past decades the base has grown to encompass not only submarine pens, but facilities for surface warships, a naval air station and an atomic weapons armoury (adapted from the old prison buildings). the island is regarded as a level 1 clearance area, that is it's so secure not even the president of simnation is allowed to visit. however in a seemingly bizzare lax of security, relatives of the island's inhabitants, postmen and widget salesmen are allowed on the island.



this journal contains the city i'm working on called simtropolis.

there are no pictures yet (but some will be posted in the next entry) but i will briefly overview what my city will consist of (and the parts already started)

simtropolis is the capital of simnation located next to the wright river, the city was first founded by cornelius landgraab as a colony of the brettennian empire (see illtonkso's stex items for more info, or just ask him about them) however in the late 18th century the city broke off from the empire along with the towns of pleasantview, veronaville, fairview and wrightville to form the nation known as simnation. today simtropolis is a bustling metropolis centred around the old colonial fortress landgraab built (the remains of the fortress just consist of grass mounds and ditches as the fortress itself was primarily built out of wood).

simtropolis itself only really consists of three industrial zones, the city centre, a small suburban town called wood's hill and a coastal resort area at the mouth of the river. at the momnet however i have planned a zone of high class residential development around the foot of a large hill (with a fortress on top) an airport zone and more industrial zones.

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