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About this City Journal

This CJ is not focused on building a region, rather just cities I want to work on. I put time into post-processing for a certain look most of the time.

Entries in this City Journal

Jimmy Buzaid

Welcome to my new CJ

Hi and welcome to Jimmy's Sandbox. Since I don't like building huge regions, and rather would work on certain cities, I figured I'd start a CJ not based around a region.

Anyway, welcome back to Newport, a city of approx. 30,000. On this cloudy day of September 12, 1972, Newport's workforce is alive. Meanwhile, quietly lurking in the City Hall, Jim Rogers, Dept. of Planning head, is contemplating the destruction of the recently abandoned Pacific Bond building (the Art Deco one which takes up about a whole block), in favor of urban renewal. However the older townsfolk have a strong disapproval. Polls are open outside of the City Hall.

The Downtown is large, the largest one in the entire county. The city is rapidly expanding it's tourism department, jobs are available today.


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