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About this City Journal

From 1852 to... Witness the evolution of this region.

Entries in this City Journal

Luiz P. Romanini


Every single metropolis that exists these days were born at unexplored, strategic areas. And Freemont was not different. In 1852, the first steps of this prestigious city were made.


Beyond the vast forests, lied soft hills, numerous rivers and even a lake. Called Wallace Lake, was an excellent place for fishing.


This is the home of Albert H. Manchester, one of the first pioneers of the region. Thanks for a simple idea from him, Freemont Bay's days of untouched nature were counted.


At the lone road of the region, East Road, the first steps of a succesful public transportation company were taken. This is just the beginning...

NEXT UPDATE: Learn more of the villages located in Freemont Bay.

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