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About this City Journal

Set in a fictionalized SouthEast Asian City, "Askal" breaks the conventions of other city journals by showing the horrible realities of the poorest classes of society.

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Welcome to Malapascua


Welcome to Askal - A Street Dog's Chronicle

I have been looking at a lot of City Journals since around 2011, and I like a lot of them like Towerdude's recreation of Hong Kong, Huston's Sci-fi Mass Effect Series. Yet something struck me. There was a lot of City Journals that showcase their countries in a good way, and some bad ones that show how life in a "ghetto". So what if there's a journal about how life works in a horrible place, a place that everyone here in Simtropolis is alienated with, the life in a society where there is clear divisions, yet also very stark juxtaposition between the poorest class and the richest classes, thus I created this City Journal - Askal -- A Street Dog's Chronicle. We'll go through sensitive topics such as sanitation, population, housing, transportation. Welcome to a new reality, a reality so common yet so unknown. Welcome to the squatters area.

Let's begin in our journey on what is to come here in the city of Malapascua. First of all, let's stop at the local SM Mall. This mall is prevalent throughout the Philippines, and is the place to go for shoppers. Security is really tight, with the guards checking every single item just to make sure that you are not bringing a weapon in the mall.


Just south of it are shops that growed like mushrooms in hopes that it will make some money from SM shoppers.


And finally, here's one of those unfortunate areas. After being evicted from the city, the poorest class were relocated here in Malapascua. They brought their own dogs, which sparked a population boom of street dogs, which we now call askals. There's also cats, rabbits and even chickens for sabong and goats. I had my own askal, named "Paopao". He's like a hotdog, very long dog. I dedicate this journal to him.


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