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About this City Journal

This journal covers the region of Metropolis.

Entries in this City Journal


Littleton is a small town that is captivating Jewel of Metropolis. Surburb of Oak Ridge, Hyatt, Halle, and Studdard Bay.

Stone cliff hills surrounded by streets for eyecatchers, travelers, and tourists. This is what makes Littleton the Jewel of Metropolis.


Downtown center square with large one way streets. A baseball park and plenty of small town shopping.


Hope you enjoy the pics. Thanks for reading.


Town of Halle

Welcome to Halle. Halle is a suburb of West Petros, Littleton, Carman, and Studdard Bay. Halle is a small business town that is a major link between West Petros and Studdard Bay. Business is the town's main asset.


There are 3 main business strips in the town.


Residential and Industry are mixed together for residence not to travel far for their work and the border of the town is surrounded by trees to keep the air clean.

I hope you will find this town a beautiful city.


Town of Carman

Welcome to the Town of Carman. This community is connected to West Petros, Halle, Parker, and Metro Petros. This town presents a main street, residential area, industry, and a commercial strip on the main strip. Beautiful town showing small town suberb. Enjoy!


Downtown Carman main strip.


Beautiful residential neighborhoods.


City of Parker

Welcome to the City of Parker

City of Parker is a river city with docks and river ports and filled with rivers and parks. Surrounding cities are Metro Petros, Carman, Stoddard Bay, Hampton Metro, and Peire. The city has beautiful rocky shores with one canal, large bridges, airport, and a military base.

Canal area with waterfall showing rocky shores.


Downtown on the south side of the river.