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About this City Journal

My Second Journal. Hopefully it's more successful

Entries in this City Journal


Update 4: Things!


The newly built residential area is now being populated


Citizens can now access the lake and go fishing, swimming, and boating

With this area, i tried to make my own Las Vegas area


The start of a new residential area

Added some seawalls, on recommendation from

qzrlQGg.jpglCvfqia.jpganother new area starting to be populated

Sorry for the formatting. i couldnt figure out how to fix it.

Hope you enjoyed.


this is my third CJ entry for my town. Throughout the week, i have been developing the residential areas of the city. here is a unfinished preview (there are no houses yet)



A stadium, easily accessible to all citizens


The power plant is only temporary


High class (rich) area. i tried to make it look like a gated community

EDIT: i have been messing around with PPonds, ground textures and trees. here is the result


This is all for today, i hope you enjoyed it, i will post more soon


City Progress

I have started a new city, after leaving simcity 4 for a while to start work on my own game. The city is called Marina (very un-creative of me, i know).


the historic Parisian area (under development)


The university area (Just Started)


a half finished golf course. (i forgot to turn the zots off :cry: )

I build in pause mode, so the game hasn't recognized all of the new available jobs


Residential Area and boardwalk. i am most proud of the tram line and the boardwalk


Unfinished industrial district and dump. I have modified the area since the image was taken


The most unrealistic Area: Downtown. i am heavily experimenting with this area, hence the large amount of skyscrapers.

I would love to have some feedback from the community on what i should improve, and peoples opinions of my city.

Have a nice day :}

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