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The City of Cariboo Lake is growing old. Fires burn day and night. Riots storm the battered streets covered in trash and potholes. Attempts at reconstruction have failed. What will the...

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From the diary of Lawrence Dale, City Clerk of Cariboo Lake:

I have not seen sunlight in days. That's probably because we're underground. Me and most of the city employees, and a few architects and builders have been here for 2 weeks, while the city around us burns.

I should have known something was going to happen. I should have known as soon as the rusted power cables failed, when all the water pipes broke, and when the subways started derailing. At least I'm safe down here from the riots that are going on above me. Horrible stories are being told to us by Mayor Cazibu. The city cannot be repaired. I helped plan the reconstruction attempts; I would know. What are we going to do now?

The mayor let me see some of these satelitte pictures that helicopters took flying over the city:


This was the neighborhood in which I lived. It's on the Tyabi River. Beautiful mansions used to line the streets. The mobs burned them to the ground.


This is my new home, Metropolitan Island. There's a huge underground complex. We're sheltered from the mobs by the bay and huge walls.


The mobs are burning the factories in the South Industrial District after they all lost their jobs after the economy failed.


We ran out of room for garbage a long time ago. Now it chokes a park in North Cariboo Lake, where I had some of my happiest memories playing soccer on the varsity team when I was a teenager.


This used to be the central business district. Now it's piles of rubble.


They burned City Hall, too. When will they run out of things to set aflame?

I don't know what we will do now. All I know is that tomorrow the plan will be finalized and we will all be briefed on it.. the plan that will save Cariboo Lake's citizens from destruction.

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