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About this City Journal

Just a small City Journal I am attempting.

Entries in this City Journal


Jmsepe - Thanks! Hopefully it will work in this update

Juliok92012 - I take a screenshot of the region and then use paint to draw lines of different colours.

Welcome to Update 1 of my on-going project - to build a city from a basic plan.

Lets delve straight into the pictures:

The first interchange, where H1 and H2 connect (H2 is the one leaving the region, and H1 is the eventual loop around the 4 city tiles (Junction will be refereed to as J1)):


The railway crossing the H1 just south of the junction:


The railway bending in toward the CBD:


The starts of the A1/A2, next to the railway junction just outside the CBD:


The H1 to the west of J1:


The unfinished J3 (Junction 3) - It will link the E2 to the H1 (I will probably release a map later on with all the names of the roads):


The A1 linking onto the E2, and the E2 then flowing down to the E1 (The CBD ring-road):


Finally, 2 images of the current region view. One is in satellite view and the other in transport view:



One final thing before I sign out. I am limited on lots/bats. If people can link in the comments some good commercial/industrial/residential lots or some parks it would be much appreciated. I am also looking for some decent walls to build up on my raised railways/highways. Thanks in advance.

Note: Struggling to get the images working -.-. Bare with me, hopefully the next one will work properly :P

Hope you guys enjoyed the update, next one will not be until Friday due to me being away.


Welcome to my first attempt in a long time at a CJ.

The aim of this little project is for me to show off my little project that I am embarking on. I have exams in a weeks time, so I am revising, but am slotting this in :P. For this part, I will just show off the plan the I quickly made. The entries will follow the development of the city through it stages. Here is the plan:


I will try to release a daily update, but with revision and exams they might stretch over a few days :)

Black: = Highway/Motorway

Red = Railway

Green = Avenue

Blue = 2 lane Highway/Motorway (Each side)

The green/blue area in the middle are just highlighted areas for residential/commerce.

I might not be able to get the 2nd post out till Thursday/Friday due to me going away, but I will try my best to make some good ones :P

Note: If anyone can tell me how to make it show the image, would be helpful :P I am using imgur if that is relevant.

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