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About this City Journal

Imaginary country in Europe.

Entries in this City Journal


Frontier is the first town you'll find when you arrive to Pla de Cérvol from south. With it's 7.634 inhabitats, Frontier is ready to welcome you to our nice small country.

Frontier has always been the most important commecial gate to the region. In the middle ages we had a wall sorrounding the whole city from intruders, now and after several wars, the only reminder of the old wall we had is this gate, The Southern Gate:


After we cross the gate we're officially in Pla de Cérvol. The church, located in the city center is the most important historical building in town:


The water tower, built in the 60's to cover the growing demand of dinkable water. It still is the tallest building in town.


I always like to finish my journals with some overview pictures of the city I'm showing, just to prove it's an actual city and not just pure eye candy!




To be continued...

Hope you liked it, please comment and share!!!


Today I'm presenting my new region, Pla de Cérvol (Deer Plains).

This region I'm starting it's planned to be a huge industrial and commercial power in Europe. Although I want to keep a lot of natural places too, with pretty charming small towns, lakes and mountains. Located in an imaginary place between France, Spain and Italy Pla de Cèrvol is the newest country in the European Union.

The official languages spoken are Catalan and English.

Here it is Pla de Cérvol's flag:


To be continued...

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